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Monday, May 9, 2011

Are you Hurting with Making Gold in WoW? Alto's Answers

Well, this has gone over great! I want to take some time to thank all the folks that have showed interest in my Gold Guide and my Coaching Program.

Alto's Gold Guide has been a huge success! I have  had a multiple emails, buyers of the guide added on skype, a couple mentions on JMTC and the Friday night meeting, and a few hollers in comments on my blog as well as others. It's the real deal!

This guide isn't a fly by night page by page of previous posts that I have wrote, it doesn't contain information that is blogged about around the blogosphere, it's my way of playing the Auction House. What I do, what I have, how I do it. You get insight into my head. I am not telling you how to do something we all know already.

If you are hesitant about purchasing, don't be. If you follow the information that I provide, word for word, there is NO WAY you will not be successful in the Gold Making Game. One of the best things about the guide is it is guaranteed to work for anyone. I have made a ton of gold using the tips inside. Many others that I have coached have made a surplus of gold. Many of my readers that just do what I post about have made many a gold coin. Simply put, I know the Gold Game. I live the Gold Game. Use my experience and know how so you don't have to use the "learning" curve. You have near 7 years of WoW experience at your fingertips. What are you waiting for?

Buy NowIf you aren't first, you are last. Jump on your chance. Here is a 100% secure link to purchase. Act now to purchase the only guide you need to make gold in your AH. Why trust someone that isn't a WoW millionaire? Would you invest in someone that has less gold than you? Highly doubtful. Or at least I would hope you wouldn't. Then you would just be dissappointed and come back and buy my guide anyways.

My guide isn't a huge book, or a devoted website, but a very direct and simple to use ebook that covers much of what I do in my Coaching "classes". It teaches you how to find things that other folks don't think about. One of the best things about this is it's NOW. Not old school info, it's information that can make you gold NOW. I really enjoyed making this guide, and have sent one update out and I haven't even had it for sale for a month......

I truly enjoy helping folks with not only my blogposts, but helping them on an individual level. I have been Coaching now for almost five months, with great success for many individuals. Whats the main issue I run across? Well, that was an inspiration for this guide. So many folks were having consistent issues that I had to do this. What was the issue? Not knowing how to use the AH or how to decide what/when/where/why to sell.

To be a successful AH'er, you need to know what you have to work with. You need to see what is profitable, what time it sells, and...most importantly here, WHY it sells. These are a few things I cover to help folks out, and once again, it's 100% about you and your server. I find things that you might not have seen or know about. Once again, it's all about you learning, so you can use that knowledge in the future, and not just this week...but every week.

Buy NowWell, have you decided yet? Just remember, you are not only buying my guide, you are buying Alto as well. Have an issue? Holler. Your schtuff not selling? Holler. We can check it out. We will get you over the hump. We will get you gold. By using the tools in this guide, you will soon realize how easy it is to destroy your competition in the AH and get that gold!


Geste said... Reply To This Comment

I had around 260k that I have made throughout the year when I hired Alto on 4/13/2011. It was decent gold, but it was slowly trickling in, and I wanted to generate more at a faster pace.
I spent around 40k gold powerleveling some professions based on Alto's recommendations, and spent around another 45k on some splurge purchases for my main. That seems like a lot of gold spent, however, as of today, I now am around 330k liquid gold in my bank, plus a ton more in mats.
For anyone worried about buying a coaching session or the guide - don't be. I have bought both, and they contain awesome information on how to start making gold.
Trust what Alto says, he knows his stuff.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


I was wondering how things were going, haven't heard from you for an update, glad things are going the right direction!

I am putting out another update soon for the guide, so check your email (I am hearing that notifications and updates are going into folks spam folder, as they are from the purchasing company....Ejunkie. Keep a look out!).

Mako said... Reply To This Comment

For a first Gold Guide, would you recommend getting your e-book or 20k leveling?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


It depends. The 20K Guide has a ton of information available at your fingertips. You can see reviews here: 20K Guide. My guide focuses more on the AH with giving "how to's" (you can see more on the selling page).

If you are completely new to the AH, as in started in Cata, then I recommend 20K, then when you become a bit more familiar, then rock over and grab mine. Although I wrote it as "noob" friendly as possible, you need a bit of background to understand some of my "lingo".

Hope that helped!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Oh yay, another snake oil salesman. Just what the gold blogging community needs.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


I wouldn't consider myself a snake oil salesman, I would however consider myself a decent writer with a how to guide that has been extrememly helpul for alot of folks.

Another anonymous poster that doesn't have enough balls (or a tight enough vag) that they have to hide behind a generic name.

If you don't like me or my ways, don't read my blog. Take me off your reader, don't click on my site. My posts are not meant for people like you anyways. There are plenty of other blogs that would welcome you. Float on, young butterfly.....

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