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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Angry Black Sheep of Gold Blogs- You Will Be Missed

A great blogger has moved on. Those that know him or know of him, Stokpile has recently left the building.

I am really bothered by this. Not that he has found a better game (Rift) than WoW, not that he announced his "retirement", but for his readers. There is no one that has his style. There is no one that can compare. I have come up with a love and hate relationship with Stok. He is extremely adamant about any points that he made. So much so that some posts continued for days.

If you aren't aware of Stok (you probably havent' heard of Geico live under a rock, or what?), here are a few recent posts that I enjoyed. Take the time and check them out....

This one is a Random Screen Shot Collection....

Some great inside information for Bloggers- New and Old.....

Great starter "how to" for the new AH'er.......

The New Player versus a Noob......

And, last but not least.....There's a reason he named himself Stokpile.....

Now I would like to say that these posts are over a lifetime of reading his blog. They aren't. They are all recent. That is the quality of the writer here. He had one of the most basic, ad free sights. All that was there is content. Very few pictures, and as an ADHD mind-riddled person, I still read every sentence of his posts. Probably one of the few bloggers that I would read the post more than once (since Markco), just to make sure that I got it all in.

Stok, you will be missed. You just left a void in the WoW Blogosphere that will-not and can-not be reproduced.



Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

He'll be back sooner than you think. You know how many people have said they left WoW for such and such "better" game? Sure, I can appreciate that people need breaks, but they always come back to WoW. I give Stok a month or two.

Stokpile said... Reply To This Comment

Much love alto and glad to know that you enjoy my writing that much. Tbh, I always find it hard to believe that people think that highly of my blog. Probably because I just write whatever happens to be on my mind that day and move on.

For the record, the only things that I'm ever -very- adamant about are things like "if you stand in the fire more than 3 seconds you fail" or farming makes something free. Things that are very common misconceptions that people tend to ignore.

But like i tend to say a lot, and will be writing abotu soon, is that the AH game never changes. So even though I'm playing rift now, I'll still talk abotu making digital money and it can all be applied to wow. Just change the names and number and bam! Perfectly sound gold making advice. The theory is the most important part.

Sorry to rant in a comment like that, but you know me. Wall o' text is so in this year!

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