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Monday, April 25, 2011

Professions, You Got 'Em? But are they the Right Ones?

Wow. What a whirlwind weekend. During our Easter Holiday, my daughter and I went on an egg hunt, had a blast, hit up a petting zoo (and she tried to kiss a duck- not, she didn't get hurt) and spent some time with the family. Good times.

Due to that, my blog missed a couple posts, and I didn't log into wow for two days. Needless to say, I had a few mails waiting that needed addressed...

Enough of that, what I want to hit on today is Professions. Most folks know that having professions equates to having gold. Don't get me wrong, you can make quite a bit of gold without them, but you can make a shitton more with them. You can make even more if you have ones that mesh. And if you aren't skeered to powerlevel them (and know when to change them by watching your AH) you can make even more. Let me explain....

Ok. You are a farmer. You pick Ore. Or Herbs. Well, you probably teamed up with Herbalism and Mining on the same toon. What? You have mining and an Engineer? Ok, makes sense. You are losing out on herbs, but you are gaining the proc Volatile Air....does it even out pricewise? Nah. I did it, I don't follow the hype. I was getting near a 8% proc per node. Not profitable, I went back to Herbalism. See where I am going with this? One, you can't believe all that you hear, and two, you must check once in a while to see if your professions are profitable, and change when needed.

Ok. You are a Obsidium Shuffler. You have Jewelcrafting and Enchanting. You take the Ore, you prospect it, you craft goods, then you D/E. Gotcha. But what if you don't have an Enchanter? You are paying someone to D/E for you? Why? Have you realized your losses? What about time lost? Yeah, it's probably quite a bit....what about *cough* stolen mats? Are you actually getting back what you should in your disenchanting? I sure hope so....

Ok. You are a Glyper. You have a Scribe. What? An actual solo profession? Yeah, it is. Well, you do need herbs. You can mill them, get the pigments, then turn them into inks, then create you don't really need anything else? But.....

Ok. You are an Alchemist. You need herbs to make your flasks. Thats it. But then you use your transmutes. You need uncut greens for Shadowspirits. You need ore/bars for Truegold. What's that? You need Volatile Lifes too? Another Transmute? yeah. More options....

See where I am going here? I hope so. Reheck your Professions. See if you have the most profitable ones. Do they mesh together or defeat the purpose? Do you have Blacksmithing and never see bars in the AH?

Do you have Leatherworking but can never find leather? By now, you should know your professions and how they are helping or hurting you. Either pat yourself on your back or get to work, and have your professions work for you, and not you work for them.

What? You are wondering what those SS are throughout the post? The Train-a-tron in Azshara of course. One stop shop for training. Second floor of the inn. Approx 57, 50.7 if you have GPS. =)


Vayaz said... Reply To This Comment

What's the mail addon you're using in that screenshot?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

That would be the infamously broken Postal, but I cannot let myself break away from it. =)

Like the 16 minute wait time to open just mail? Hahaha. No wonder why I try to log in each day...And that was one toon, I had 450+ on my other banker. Fun stuff. Just fun stuff.

The time we waste (err...i mean the things we do) for virtual currency.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

TSM's mail module entirely replaces Postal's functionality other than you cannot select mail to open then open it all at once.

Vayaz said... Reply To This Comment

I just read your answer (bit late, huh)...
I'm using Postal, too, but can't see either it being broken nor it showing me such detailed stats. Basically it's going to tell me how many mails I've got (and it's often way too much).
That's it. Well, probably just a matter of configuration.

I'm also using TSMs mail functionality more and more because I can send lots of herbs/ores almost automatically.

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