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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guild Perk: Bountiful Bags

Did you see it coming? I hope you did. Bountiful Bags is a guild perk that most "highend" guilds have recently hit. How does this affect you?

Now without going into too much detail (as I am not guilded in one that high currently), I spoke with a gent and he mentioned that there is around a 10-15% proc. I imagine you are thinking the same thing that I am here. More ore, more leather, more herbs, and more dust and essences....

*EDIT- It seems that this is also working with Archaelogy Fragements as well....I am sure this will get nerfed by the kind folks at blizz.....You might see an influx of some Arch "junk" hitting your AH. If you have the perk available, get em while you can! - - - - - - - - - It seems to have a double "proc" - - - - - - - -

Wowiki explains this as:

Bountiful Bags is a Guild Perk granted at guild level 23 that increases the amount of materials gained from Mining, Skinning, Herbalism, and Disenchanting.

Wowhead has some great comments already:

By fenriradra (1) yesterday at 11:05 PM (Patch 4.0.6)
My guild has earned level 23, with this perk.

So far, after herbing a TON of ice cap & mountain silversage (for milling on a different toon, for darkmoon decks O.o)

it's looking very much like a 15% chance when you gather for a double-loot.

The extra loot seems like it's treated like an extra node you gathered from, and rerolled for quantity, but it will not contain any extra stuff like volatile life/etc, just the base material. This was after gathering a small sample of about 200 whiptail in Uldum.

By PROXiCiDE (4) today at 8:12 AM (Patch 4.0.6)
Our guild hit this yesterday morning and on one Copper Vien, i got 10 Copper Ore from it i was amazed but it seems that it looks this could be a proc than anything. Because i will mine agian and it would be normalized ore from the vien

Now before you say "The bots aren't in guilds"....well, you might be right, but you might be wrong. I guess you have to look at it both ways here. Let me ask you this....If you are in a guild with the "bountiful bag" perk, are you NOT going to hit up a few herbs, rock some ore, or skin up some beasts? You might....You might not.....But you mos def are probably doing the Obsidium Shuffle (especially if you are reading this). Be prepared for a volatile market coming soon.

This is what I can see happening on the "higher end" servers. The dust and essences are gonna be falling. Which in turn the snowball affect will happen with scrolls for Cata enchants (if they aren't tanked already). Get busy livin, or get busy dying....

So whatcha gonna do? How will this affect your server? Are you going to keep an eye out? Or do you not care, just roll with it?


nubbie said... Reply To This Comment

Disenchanted almost 1000 Jasper Rings last night and never got more than 3 Dusts. In fact, I don't think I got any more mats than before we got the perk :(

Haven't talked to anyone who disenchants a meaningful amount so hoping someone can tell me I've just bad bad RNG.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


From what I understand is that they show up below the "regular" proc....Did you see the "double window" on any of them?

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Well, that's very nice perk. Guild-botters are happy=) The best thing for me is the cheap elementium ore for shuffle and more "old" ores for my alt with engi&mining.
P.S. Doesn't affect d/e epic items ;-(

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Anonymous,

Did you try D/Eing? The reason I ask is there was a commenter on MMOChampion that said he got a dual proc Maelstrom Crystal (not sure if I can believe him...SS or it didn't happen!). I guess going off the 15% "rule", then you need to try like 8ish times for the "proc"(but with my luck, probably 20 before I get a freebie as blizz really hates Alto)

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

Is there a way to find out what levels guilds on your server are at? Without going into armory one by one I mean?

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Since this reduces ore price as well as enchanting mat prices it wont really effect the shuffle!

But this might indeed open the enchanting market to the less masses - it might be time to level that enchanter alt ;)

Tiroq - EU bloodhoof

Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

We knew this would get here when guilds finally reached L23. There are a couple of factors which may not make this as big an impact on AH prices as many think.

First, the number of guilds reaching 23 will be limited. For those who have raced to get here you will see most of the impact over a couple days and then it will level off. Some guilds will never get there.

Next, I think the increased materials will be nominal--even if it is 15% that doesn't mean a 15% increase in AH mats. Some will be used by the gatherer, some will be turned into guilds. In fact, the effect might be to drive demand down rather than supply up--an important distinction when playing the AH.

Last, the effect might even be positive for Goblins. 15% more mats from these procs might not necessarily mean 15% more competition on the AH. It might just mean 15% more of what we see today. Many of the herbs, ore and skins we buy today are underpriced and we flip them.

There is no reason to automatically assume that this will result in lower prices or a glut of materials. We can't assume that every L23 guildie who is getting this proc is a Goblin.

Jim said... Reply To This Comment

How about the high level raiding guilds who are DEing more epics than they are rewarding out? Can we expect to see procs on the maelstroms?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Nev,

Wowprogress maybe? I am sure someone else has a better answer though...


The reason I think it will affect the shuffle more is due to more folks d/e than farm materials, so the ore and herbs won't see too much movement, but the enchanting mats will spike in availability, and lower in price.


This post was meant for folks that are "out of the loop" as quite a few readers are. We know you know about everything that happens, next time I post I will make sure and put "For Everyone But Kammler"! =)

I don't see a huge difference in "farmable" mats (leather, ore, herbs) hitting, it's more about the enchanting mats, because more folks are prone to the shuffle to make gold than farm.

I can automatically assume things. Thats what I do. When there is new things out there that affect sales, either push them up or lower them, I tell my readers about them. It's in my blogger contract.

I personally know quite a few goblins in high level guilds that already have the perk, and they are across dozens of servers, so yeah, my auto assume macro is in place. And I am spamming it. =)

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Jim,

I commented above, there was a cat on MMOChampion that talked about getting a double proc yesterday on the crystals. I don't think that will be a huge deal, as the "guild" drops will most likely stay in guild for the top enchants, but sooner or later they will start hitting the market. Probably more later than sooner though...

Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the nice reply Alto. Assuming the first comment was tongue in cheek, funny. If it wasn't, I didn't mean to come across the wrong way. All I'm saying is that the perk has been out there for long enough to notice that it might affect materials in some way.

I'm sure there are many goblins in high level guilds who will capitalize on this. I'm equally sure that everyone who has access to it will not handle it correctly. There will be some price displacement, more immediately then tapering off--that's what I think.

The materials impact will be further diluted by players using them for crafting--could affect demand more than supply.

Many of the non-goblins who benefit from the perk are the same ones who post current materials below value. Goblins can continue to grab these when they appear.

I'm not challenging your mandate to assume things. I thought it would be appropriate to offer a slightly different spin. I could be totally off base. It wouldn't be the first time, that's for sure.

Sorry if my comment was in any way unwelcome. I will temper my opinions in the future.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Nah, it's all good brother! I actually look forward to "discussing" your comments in chat. We gotta get on skype or something and bullshit sometime...easier than in our comments. =)

Prncesspwn said... Reply To This Comment

I agree with Alto! We need you in on our skype parties Kammler! You always have an interesting take on topics and I love hearing your point of view!

Glyn said... Reply To This Comment

"Is there a way to find out what levels guilds on your server are at? Without going into armory one by one I mean?"


also good for achievement ranks

nubbie said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah my first DE today had 2 separate stacks of 3 and 1 Hypnotic Dusts. I'm sure that didn't happen the other day though.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Glyn, I didn't know about that site! Much appreciated!


Keep me posted on what you are seeing, I appreciate the extra set of eyes out there!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I am in a guild with this perk and I can confirm the Maelstrom Crystal bonus exists. Also you do need to be friendly with your guild to get any procs on anything.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Aeg!

Friendly is it? Ugh Oh.....

nubbie said... Reply To This Comment

Finally remembered to collect some data. Here are the mats from 1000 Jaspers with guild perk, 100 at a time:

Dust|Lesser Essence|Small Shard

155 45 9
156 35 17
156 54 19
136 59 15
159 47 11
110 78 19
142 57 11
133 58 11
148 43 10
151 58 14
1446 534 136

Unfortunately, only now have I realised that even Jasper Rings haven't been worth DEing :( I'm going back to vending Jaspers too.

A few observations:
* From ~3000 DEs, I haven't seen a single proc where I received a different material to the standard (always get dust, proc dust; get essence, proc essence; get shard, proc shard)

* The proc roll is not the same as the standard. Jasper Rings can only ever disenchant to 3 dusts, however I've received a proc of 4, making it possible to receive 7 dusts from a single disenchant: However, this anomaly was only evidenced in dusts.

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