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Monday, April 11, 2011

Flipping Items - Arbritage - Cross Faction

Hey folks!

A day late and a dolla short for Cold's Gold Factory carnival (which is today, go check it out!).

I was hesitant on posting this information as it has been months since I have done any cross faction trading, but I figured I would help a brother out with a few things I used to do (since Cata, I barely have time to take on my own AH let alone dealing with two!). So here goes:

Although this is a bit of a generic tip, even hitting up the "neutral" AH locations (winterspring, BB, tanaris) to pick up recipies is a very viable flip (most can be picked up for silvers and sold for golds- see a post I did on Tanaris Vendor Recipies). But here is something that I still farm when I have some extra playtime:

The Cat Carrier: Black Tabby "used" to be a great option as well, until it is now considered a zone drop (I farm an elite named Yetimus the Yeti Lord) in the fabled Hillsbrad countryside.

Wanna know my route? EZ peezie. Yetimus is a quest elite that roams a very small area around the caves. You can see from the mini-map screenie above he spawns right around 42, 56 right outside the cave. Due to being a quest elite, he is on around a 60 second timer. Now lists his droprate at around 1 per 1000 for a zone drop for the tabby, due to being an elite it seems it is quite lower. In just shy of 45 minutes farming him/her/it, I received a drop (so I am figuring about 40-60 kills) along with a few greens and a bit of other "junk".

With a selling price of around 4K on Horde side, and around 5.5K on Alliance, it is worth your time if you are feeling "lucky". Well, I gotta ask, "Do you feel lucky punk? Well, do ya?"

Good luck on the farm, and if you are a miner (Silver Vein), herbalist (Straglekelp), or even a skinner (Medium Leather), you can double duty here!


Achieve said... Reply To This Comment

Hmmmm... now, if near his spawn point there were lots of spiders to kill and farm spider's silk.. that would be great....

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


What? Regular spiders silk? Or what kind?

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

Today I was think to try to sell the Magic Lamp the Alliance JC pet in the common AH, does anyone has tried this ?

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