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Monday, April 4, 2011

Attn: Bloggers and New/ Upcoming Writers

No gold post today, but I do want to talk about guest posting. It's a topic I do not cover much, but after last weeks post written by Bones, Epic Gems From Transmutes: But Not How You Think, there has been quite some buzz on a new style of speculation. Bones, which is a regular on both JMTC's IRC channel as well as the Friday night meetings on TS, is not a blogger. That's right. He doesn't have a blog. But he took time to write out a post on his speculation in our little world of WoW epics. Bones did a great job, do you have what it takes?

I know quite a few of my readers have some great information rolling around in their dome, and now is your opportunity to hop on the soapbox and get your information out there. Are you frustrated because no one is hitting your niche? Do you have your own style of explaining things? Have you thought about making your own blog but aren't sure where to start? Well, here's your chance.

The community is getting bigger and bigger by the day, the question is, are you ready contriubute to the gold blogosphere? Sure you do! Go ahead and hit up my Guest Posting page for more information, and get to writing!

For my fellow bloggers.....Are you new to the blogging scene? Or have you been around a while and are still struggling to get views? Are you frustrated with all the time you invest in your blog and only see a few hundred people read your work? By utilizing guest posting here at Alto's, you are expanding your viewing audience to more than ten times that amount (5-6K per day as of late).

I know when I started getting into the blogging scene back in late 2010, I struggled getting viewers. The first month I received around 900 views....then I started posting more frequently, 2nd month, 8100. 3rd month? 19K. Four months in? 30K. Last month? 76K views. Since April 1st? Three days, 19K views. If that is normal numbers for you, then maybe guest posting isn't for you, as you are doing fine by yourself. If that is hard to believe, then a guest post at Alto's is what you need (uh that ryhmed...kinda).

Now I don't claim to be the best in the gold blogging world, probably not even top 5, but what I can claim is that I have the absolute best readers out there. No doubt there. I can feel your ESPN when you are reading this (ok, it's ESP, but you get my point)..."I am already on your blogroll, Alto. They see me already". A majority of readers don't even look. Although I am seeing more and more use this blog as a "hub" for my blogroll, I still have a 3:30 average time per viewer/ per page viewed. They read the posts. Not just skim, not just look at pictures, they read the posts. My readers want to be educated. They want information. That is where you come in, and supply that quality post that no one else has spoke about to get some buzz and gain more viewers. Now here's my question to you.....Are you in?

If you are interested in guest posting, please go to my Guest Posting page, read through it, toss me an email, and we can get rocking! I look forward to hearing from you!


Vayaz said... Reply To This Comment

I know it's hard to imagine, but it can be hard enough to actually get an answer out of someone when writing an e-mail.
Surely I have to think about why people just tend to ignore my mails before I can worry about things like guest posting!

Yes, this was a kind reminder. :)
I have probably fixed the display issue you experienced long ago, though I can't tell for sure, because you never answered.
I have to admit, however, that you're not the only one who didn't write back. My mails tend to "get lost" regularly, or so it seems. The reason? I don't know.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


After seeing this comment, I checked my mail and saw your email to me! It was tossed in spam for some reason....ugh. Along with 16 others (legit emails). It seems when someone sends a type of "link" in the email, or do not put something in the subject line, instant "junk".

I really gotta start checking that folder more often....sorry brother! Yeah, it's running fine, I just checked it!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Alto, speaking of your content here, this is probably the only gold blog I make the time to read all the way through, all the posts. You keep me both informed, and occasionally amused. Definitely worth my time, thanks tons for all your effort.
Pete Van Driel ( damn google thing acting up on me.)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Alto,

Glad you enjoyed the Post.

It's been an honor to be your 1st guest poster and to pop your cherry so to speak.

Keep up the great..... or is that worsst? , blog that you have going.

I enjoy it, as I am sure others do too.

Thanks again.


Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words. Hope I can keep producing content that keeps you reading. If not, feel free to yell at me and get me back in focus....thanks ahead of time for your support!

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