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Friday, March 11, 2011

TSM and Alto...Friends at Last- Thanks Nev and Zoxy!

Hey folks. You have heard much disregard from me on TSM. Not that I am bashing the addon, but that I wasn't too keen to the idea behind it.

I guess the best way to describe it is that there were too many things going on for poor Alto to handle. In order to just set things up, you have literally 20 screens to get things rocking. Nev from Auction House Addicts did a post earlier in the week on how [she?] uses TSM for all her glyph posting and how well it has worked for her.

Being the stubborn WoW player that I am, I feel that addons are around to make our lives easier, not to take an hour to setup, have issues throughout (unknown vendor purchases anyone?), and just at an utter loss on the supposed "ease of use".

To dive deeper into it, I basically didn't want to spend the time to get it setup myself, almost thinking "my way" was better than the program. A few bloggers posted "how to's", and that really just made my tiny brain more confused, so I wrote it off. Until Nev. I commented on her post asking if she can make a "how to" that even a dumbfounded Alto can understand. Yesterday, she posted the first part on how to set up the addon. It took about 20 minutes to set up, and I was extremely surprised on the actual "ease" of it. I am 100% positive that it was due to her writing and explaining each step thoroughly that made sense to me this time.

Today, she finished her Part Deux of the post on glyphing, and all is good. I thought. I run into another issue (go figure....), I am not able to "buy" my crafts, my TSM is only grabbing Lion's Ink glyphs, JEEBUS! Did I mention I really, really hate this addon?! Luckily, Zoxy popped onto Skype, and after an hour of messing around, we finially figured out the issue(s).

To make a long story short, due to not paying attention to Nev's guide, I missed a tiny spot (clicking the enable all crafts) that jacked me up to no end (not to mention a few other issues). So please follow everything in AHA's guide, and you will be ready to rock.

If you work TSM, you will be happy. It does take quite a bit of time for setup, quite a bit more time to craft, but the Auction part is what I am really pleased with. Posting, cancelling, reposting. The time I am saving here will "pay" for my time setting up the whole deal.

So for all those that are "skeered" about getting into this addon, all the trouble that it takes to start when you get it set up, it makes life sooo much easier. As long as TSM is working, it will be working for me.

Thanks again Nev and Zoxy. And once again, if you have been against this addon, believe me, it is worth it. If you can figure the damn addon out. I truly wish you the best of luck. You will need it...

As a reminder, JMTC is having their Friday Night Special going on, so write down some questions, and c'mon over! There are a handful of AH pro's available to answer you gold making issues at the beginning, then it's open "mic" for general gold'ish chat. See you there!

8pm Central Time. 

Teamspeak Server Information:Server:
Port: 9987


Bangkok Bill said... Reply To This Comment

I just posted about this very issue! You are 100% spot on. Starting out with TSM can be a bit nerve racking and takes time but once you get it you will find that it is well worth the effort.

Vayaz said... Reply To This Comment

I remember exactly how I hated that addon, even when I had everything set up it would often post crafted goods at ridiculous prices.

That's something I haven't completely figured out yet, but I'm using its Auctioning and Crafting features quite regularly these days.

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

Glad Zoxy was there to help - without his original guide, I'd still be stumbling in the dark too :) Hope it works out well for you, leave some gold in the system for us newbies won't ya? lol

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

It will be interesting to see how it pans out. I reset MySales to see if there is a noticable difference. I
"used to" only post on 48 hours everyday (and recycle every 24 hours-continuous posting), but with the option now of the quick "reset" with TSM, it will be interesting to see if Alto works better than TSM. I gotta feeling I am gonna lose that battle....

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks, I've had it installed for like a month now, but I haven't sat down and set it up, partially out of lack of time and partially fear of its complexity.

I think I'll make time this weekend to finally do it.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

James, for all the issues and screens you have to go through setting it up, I have to say, it's worth it. Good luck to you, and know that there are folks out there that can help. I gave up three times before finially taking the time, so "fourth" time is a charm? Only time will tell.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

They need someplace to host the full compilation for download without going through the Curse client. I'm not downloading 50 different modules that all get updated at different times.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


I feel your pain. That was a complaint I have had as well. I only downloaded 5 of them (for the second time, first time I tossed em into the recycle bin- it seemed that was a good home for them at the time).

I personally won't download from anywhere but, maybe I can figure out something for this site. You got me thinking now....

Brent said... Reply To This Comment

TSM for all the talk really doesnt excite me. I have yet to see anything it does that is better or easier than what i already do. I am not even certain it does everything I deal with now. My my concern is being able to scan on my scribe to see what to make based on what is posted on the AH by my banking toon. APM gives a clear concise list for me to select what to make. My buying is based on buying herbs less than 1gold each. This is done each morning using the remote AH. At night I scan using auctioneer to get stuff from my snatch list.

Crafting is based on my study of undermine journal and the APM listing. No sense making a gem that has sold once or twice in two weeks.

An addon should be easy to use and simple to set up. That is the ideal. More complex addons just cater to a small segment. At the moment APM and auctioneer along with a few other mods work well for me. Gold is just a sideline and no longer a focus. Working on my second million....and it is just a bit too easy to make gold these days. I will try APM but I still dont see its benefit to save me time. It wont change my ability to buy. It wont change milling or prospecting time. I know my markets that I have time for. There are lots more that are profitable but I lack the time for them. Brining in 10-20k of profit a day isnt hard once you are established and you avoid the time wasters of ah fights.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Great points there Brent.

I am currently only using the TSM addon for glyphs crafting/posting/cancelling/reposting. After a few weeks of using it, I will have my time I invested for setup saved (about 5 minutes a day I am figuring with just the post/delete/repost part), then I will "profit" on my time saved per day. The crafting isn't the greatest, I am still faster solo, but then again I am only a day into using this addon.

I never used APM so I am not sure how they compare, but I feel that TSM will become a part of my daily posting/ reposting for some time to come, as you know it's a mess to get it setup....I now feel it's worth it in the long run after only using it twice since I got it up and running correctly.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Once again, I am very limited on my actual playtime in WoW, so even if I can save a few minutes here and there, it's well worth it. =)

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