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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Shampoo Effect in Blogging- Rinse, repeat, Rinse, repeat.....

Hey folks! You are probably wondering what happened to me, I have not missed a daily post in quite some time, as you all know.

Before you think that I am stopping blogging, as of this moment, I am not. I am however not going to be posting daily until there is new content out there.

Right now, all the topics out there are just that. Out there. There is nothing new in gold making tips and tricks out there that any of us haven't read or blogged about 50 (okay, maybe 60) times before. I do not want to keep adding to that list....I am sure you don't blame me. I just get frustrated when I am reading blogs that keep covering the same ol', same ol' information....If I don't like reading it, I am sure you don't either. Amirite?

This is a completely generic post, about a completely generic topic. If I find something new going on, you all will be the first I tell about it, so please don't think that due to this post you need to delete me off your google reader, follower, or emails that you have signed up for. Deal?

To finish this post, feel free to keep emailing your questions, your issues, etc, and I will respond either in a post or return email. Remember, I am not going anywhere, I just once again feel no need to continue writing when everything is just old news, rinsed, repeated, rinsed, repeated.

I am sure that once 4.1 hits, I will be blasting the airwaves with my juicy little tidbits of gold making advice you have come to know and love, and I am really looking forward to 4.2, because there will be many millionaires made on that patch and shortly thereafter.

Keep smiling folks! And remember, I am still around, I am not going anywhere! Hollah!~


Azuriel said... Reply To This Comment

OMG you're leaving?!?! :P

I prefer non-daily blogs myself, mainly to avoid "filler" topics or the, yes, shampoo effect. If you look at JMTC for example, you'll notice how the Vent meeting thing takes up 2 of the 7 posts each week, and then you have posts like "do the Saronite Shuffle again!" I understand daily posts get more readers, but quality > quantity every time.

Moravec said... Reply To This Comment

Do you feel that there is anything really new in gold-making anyway, since Cata luanched? For me it is generally the same tried and tested methods, just with new materials, with the exception of say, Mysterious Fortune Cards.

I don't blame you for not posting daily - hell, I haven't posted since mid January, because there is simply nothing that hasn't been said before - all one need do is substitute Wrath material for Cata material in the majority of cases

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

No Az, I am not taking off, I am just tired of reading the same old shiz from other blogs, and I don't want to follow in the footsteps of others (same content over and over again), and most importantly, I don't want my readers to bore reading my material. I hope everyone understands this.

You know me, if something happens, I will be all over it, and when there is new content, you know I will be there posting all the goods. =)

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Very true. The methods will be there till the end, as you know alot of my posts were just my style or my take on "how to's" for the folks that didn't do em everyday (like a few of us). But there have been quite a few niches here and there, and there are more to come I am sure.

I try to post on what I do daily, but truthfully, the time has come until there are new options, I feel I have hit on nearly every part of Auction House PvP (but a few of my AH skills and [full out teaching] how to read your "market", and those are saved for my coaching classes).

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I totally Agree there are only so many ways to make gold in WoW . Each Patch or Expansion will change the name but the core ways remain then same .

I know one of the big reasons I stopped and Still debating about my sub is , WoW just isn't keeping my attention as the market is very limited in how it changed ( I was spoilt by Eve)

But yea I think its better to stop daily posting then just recycle content

Azuriel said... Reply To This Comment

I suppose my ":P" needed to be a bit bigger there.

Faid said... Reply To This Comment

I know what you mean. I hear some trash blogger was just blogging about how much she's doing archaeology or some crap. . . . :D

I definitely see your purpose, I'd rather see great posts with lots of information than "Oh, shit, I guess I better write something" like I admit I often write sometimes. It's tough when there's no new big info out!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


I know you aren't talking about that blogger that has mic issues all the time, or the one that puts out the killa dilla must be mistaken there. =)

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