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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PTR 4.1 Winged Lion Mount

Just noticed this on the PTR from MMO Champion. If you haven't seen it, just looking at the pic below, it is obviously in the works. I am loving the opportunity of snatching this up, even if it is just a dream....(but thanks for adding the views!).

PTR 4.1 - Winged Lion Mount- MMO Champion

Yeah, it's ugly. Kinda. I love the generic black whiskers, it seems that they didn't have a thinner "marker" on photoshop (or whatever they use).....They have a lot of work to do, but I like how it's starting off....But why purple and tan? I mean, this is Cata right? Gimme some flames. You know?


JoshDJX said... Reply To This Comment

Just like some of the Firelands files are in the PTR, this may be something related to a future addition. The color is very ashy, or something completely different. I'll predict War of the Ancients CoT raid drop.

Fleetside58 said... Reply To This Comment

Its obviously got incomplete texture files. The black whiskers and odd wings are just geometry with what looks like a specular map applied only, no transparency mask or color maps applied.

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