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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good or Bad Advice? How Can You Tell?

There are quite a few gold blogs out there. We all know that. They have a ton of information they give out, we all are aware of that. Do you listen? Do you use the tools that we provide to you? Or do you just read the information provided, toss it in the back of your head, and then a few weeks later wish you would have used it? Hmm.... I know I am guilty of this (see the alchemy disenchant a while back for Maelstroms).

I am asking this because we all talk a big game, on things that we do or have done that makes us gold. I know I try to give you my side of the WoW gold game, so you can prosper in this "game within a game". Have I given you bad advice? I would like to think no. Have I given you good advice? Well, I do my best to try to write my posts to make you think. I try to make posts that are not "server" dependant. Of course, due to my style, some things fall into that niche.

But working with many folks on many servers, I see that most markets flow from server to server. Be it the "small" low population server, the "mid" server, and the high population servers. This will probably get some hate, but experience doesn't lie. We sell the same goods, we use the same mats to craft, we have the same dungeons, the same heroics, the same locations, well, I can go on and on, but I think you get my point.

When bloggers cover information, we "kinda" always assume that there will be comments. Sometimes there are, other times there aren't. I for one like to read other folks blogs, and try to comment when I can, especially if I am agreeing or disagreeing with a certain "arguement" that they present to the masses. As a gold blogger, as a gold maker, and as a experienced AH PvP'er, I am stubborn in what I know makes gold in the game, and if I disagree with X blogger, I try to give my two cents.

Not to start a fight or hate on them, just to explain why I do not agree with their post. I for one know that alot of time is invested into blogging, and if you blog, it's your blog, and I don't want to take that away. If you feel the need to delete a comment of mine, so be it (this has recently happened, a few times to be exact). Some folks don't like to be called out, but at least they see my comment before it does get tossed in the trash...

I really enjoy when I hear something new that I haven't heard about. Lately, it's just the same ol', same ol' that is repeated over....and over.....and over. It gets bland.

Now enough of my rambling on, the second part of the title of this post is "How can you tell?". Well, that's the tough part. The way I try to explain my information allows you to search your AH to see if it's profitable on your server before you jump feet first. Although I do write an occasional "stockpile" post, I try to explain how I come to that conclusion so you can see exactly what and where I come from. You can once again use that information to see if the advice I toss your way is valid for you: both on your server and with your bankroll.

Now I do have a tagline at the top of my page, The Worst WoW Blog Ever, but I am confident in what I post for ya'll, and that you will make a nice chunk of gold in this little game called World of Warcraft.

Now I gotta ask....Do I give good or bad advice? How did you tell? Have I made you more gold than I lost you? Have I coached you? Have I helped you on IRC, JMTC Fridays, Emails, or Skype? How did it work out? Holler out, let me know. 

I would really appreciate it, as sometimes bloggers just need a little nudge to keep nudge me.


Evlyxx said... Reply To This Comment

Personally I think the way that most of the wow community works and in particular the gold making one is to provide inspiration and general ideas.

Many people read the blogs and use copy cat methods instantly and it works for a day or two but because the market becomes saturated the gold pro tip "fails". But the tip didn't fail the competition was simply too intense at that moment in time.

I like to copy the ideas, but in a different market and where that is not possible wait a while before implenting the 100% copy cat method.

XanderEragon said... Reply To This Comment

Hmm Alto let me think have you given me good adviSe or Bad? I would have to say you have given neither but you have given me GREAT adviSe and not just with WoW but with my blog as well. You took Shit post and help me make them "Good." lol

As far as WoW goes hell I think if we add up all the times you helped me i owe you like $150 for coaching. And the way i tell that it works by looking in my bags at my gold.

Just check my blog out later got something for ya a nice nudge.

Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

I find your content honest and useful. If I can add something or find an error I post a comment. I don't post every day, but when I think it will help someone else, or you, I put it up.

There is a sort of "critical mass" that happens when new ideas get circulated. One blog posts something and over the next few days the idea gets batted around on different posts. I usually read all of them and decide if the idea is bullshit or not.

People need to understand: there is no One Right Way to earn gold. Everything you post may or may not work for me, but I like to see and hear what others are doing. For those folks who look for the One Right Way, keep looking. And be sure to post it when you find it, OK?

For the record, I have never deleted a comment from my blog but have had a few of mine deleted on other blogs. To each his own I suppose. I even had one blogger email me and say 'stop posting on my site'. Lol.

Milabrega said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Alto !

Good advice? Hell yeah ;-) As a daily reader of multiple gold blogs and podcast, I always find beneficial info/tips/comments on your blog. Precisely, I went from hundreds to thousands of golds weekly. So yeah, keep it up!

Now regarding stock pilling pyrite... just kidding ;-)



The Gold Queen said... Reply To This Comment

When you give good advice, readers come back. Hint: I'm back here again.

I'd like to encourage you to go beyond great and give Epic Advice!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks folks!

@ GQ,

I try to keep my posts above the vendor trash quality, and I would like to think that most of them are at least rare...but I am kinda partial.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

my personal blogroll, sorted by (personal) rating:
1. stokpile
- yours
- wowmidas
- nerf faids
- pwg
- jmtc
- cold
- srsbusiness

not that it would really matter


Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Jinx,

What your blogsite?

Squid said... Reply To This Comment

Good or Bad, your advice makes me think about what I'm doing in WoW and really that's all that matters to me.

Whether advice works or not really is secondary, because as you know it's going to differ from realm to realm but even bad advice about one thing just might pay off in a different way.

Its all in how you look at it.

Rebecca said... Reply To This Comment

Alto - I've never asked you for direct, personal advice about gold issues but I do regularly read your blog and find your tips interesting. I don't try them out as often as I should - but then I don't try anyone's tips out as often as I should, because my WoW playtime at the mo is next to none.

But I don't forget the tips, and your posts give me food for thought and keep me inspired to make gold, which is a big thing in itself as I'm not really an economy-driven player.

So, I hope you keep going, though either way it's your choice. I don't know the details of your comments being deleted though generally I'd say folks are silly to delete comments that simply disagree for the sake of debate. Though if it truely is that your comments have simply been deleted because you were trying to bring another view to the table, it's their (and their readers') loss!

Vayaz said... Reply To This Comment

To be honest, I don't always have the time to pursue all the ideas that I (or any other gold blogger) got. But still I value each argument, often silently, and will decide what to do with that.

So far, your blog proved a rather entertaining read. I can't exactly tell whether your actual "gold-ish advice" is excellent, but I can see that it's not bad (so that means it must be good, huh?).

This is probably even one of my favourite blogs currently, though I may have missed quite a few. Feel free to suggest good blogs so I can check them out. ;)

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

The best part about you Alto, is that you don´t just show how it is done, you actually teach how to think about what you are doing and why.
So to make this in a pretty phrase you teach others how to learn and how to think.

iiimjiiim said... Reply To This Comment

Yours was one of my biggest influences when first getting into gold blogging. Blogs with actual "meat" in their posts are hard to come by.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Well Its a interesting one I enjoy your posts when i get a moment to read them as they are always unique and we have talked about this on vent .

But I know when i was daily postsing ( will be back again soon ) There was allwys that nagging feeling of are people actually enjoying this ? Are people getting something from it .

I know with alot of my post my style has always been , this is how it is and this is how its done so I never get many comments as there is nothing to debate.

But keep it up and I might even get you to understand TSM one day !

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

From Bones

Damn You Alto!!! lol

I was working on a post for you that I kinda relates to the bad advice/good advice out there, without being an actual bad/good advice column.

But this blog, has now inspired me to create a post for this topic as well.

Again Damn you Alto, I said that I didnt want to be a full time blogger! lawls!!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Flux,

Thanks mang! Glad to see my posts have "meat", I thought they had a bit of cheese mixed in. Maybe I have "burger" posts...

@ Zoxy,

Yeah. No. I curse the authors of that addon. As soon as I have something figured out, I swear they break into my 'puter and jack something up...ITS A CONSPIRACY I TELLS YOU!

@ Bones,

Rock it brother! Looking forward to reading it. Full time blogger? Did I flip another to the dark side of blogging? Ught oh. Damn you Alto!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Hey Alto,

I actually don't have my own blog. This has a lot of reasons but the most important one is time. Between work, girlfriend, wow and friends+family there just isn't enough time to create something I would feel comfortable with. I would have the same entitlement towards myself of providing something useful to the readers.
Besides, my English deteriorates more and more since I left the US, well maybe that would be a good practice^^

The biggest hurdle for me would be, I guess, the insecurity if that what I write about actually is useful and a good read. Be assured, you content is both. Not that it's always something new or revolutionary to senior gold makers but often a great reminder to change perspective. If you are new to the gold-making business the tips provided here are often very handy.

em, while writing this comment I realized that there aren't any German gold blogs around which I know of, maybe thats a nice niche xD

take care

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment


Having a habit of going around reading gold posts really got me learning some stuff normal players don't. Right now I can even point out some gold tips for my friends and this is just my third month in game. With no farming, raiding and all that good stuff, I'm still making a self satisfying progress on gold making because of gold bloggers like you.

About the actual "bad" advices, I just gotta say every bloggers tips is considerable, I don't personally believe someone would want their works to be the worst blog ever (maybe except one guy), so absorbing mutiple opinions wouldn't hurt much. I noticed about the recent "pyrite ore stock" debate going around, and I don't think either side is too ridiculous to believe. Lets face it, we all gave bad advices before, for there are things we really dont expect to happen. I remember my first gold making attempt is that dense stone for DMF prize trick lots people were doing, and shortly after that, well, your post about DMF prize nerfed. I was totally expecting my first real barrel of gold back then.

Double checked my post, mostly are pointless as usual. I almost got hit by a car about an hour ago btw, look both sides whenever crossing the streets Alto.


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