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Sunday, March 20, 2011

FYI.....There is "NO" achievement for the Gold Cap

"Uh, we know that Alto"....Alright, that isn't for the masses. It's for one guy in particular. Let me explain.... A few weeks back, there was someone in a Friday night JMTC meeting that spoke about hitting the "new" gold cap multiple times (three times to be exact). They also mentioned they got an "achevement" for doing so. I didn't want to blast them right away and call their bullshit, because I didn't know if they changed it at the million or not (I know there was none when I hit the first cap in wrath) so I couldn't verify it. You know who you are, don't waste my time anymore......Hold on, this gets better. Now this cat also said that he recieved multiple emails from Blizzard as well telling him that he is "one of the top goldmakers" in WoW, and they even talked to him on the phone about how he did it. Hold back your laughter, as I have yet to prove him wrong on that one....but I got a feeling he's fibbing on that one too. Anyways, let's get to the reason of my post.

I have reached the million mark on liquid gold! Now the first question everyone asks is professions: Do I have ten toons with all the profs maxed? Nah. Do I got five? Nopers. Do I have all the professions? Notta. I actually have a very small setup that is a killa dilla for goldmaking:

85 Rogue:
525 Jewelcrafting
525 Inscription

85 DK
525 Herbalism
525 Mining

75 Pally
522 Enchanting
525 Transmute Alchemist

As you can see, I am limited on my "power" professions. I have the ones that matter on my server. The ones that I can make the most gold in the least amount of time. No "fluff" other than my DK, which, come 4.2, I might get up some "real profession" on. Not too sure for right now, as I find gathering mats relaxing, and I guess you could say it's my WoW Yoga. If there is such a thing....

Alright, are you ready for my "diary" for this last week? If you aren't, tough, I am writing it anyways. =)

Last week, I told myself by this Sunday I would hit the cap. I was getting tired of the rubber band that my banks were doing. In the last month, I hit 980K twice, only to reinvest a chunk: the first time, a farmer sold me 6 tabs of Obsidium Ore at 50g per stack- (just shy of 30K) while the same day he contacted me again about buying 10 stacks of Shadowspirit Diamonds for the low price of 20K (100g each, they fluctuate around 150g per). A few days later, before the faire, I dumped around 70K on Herbs/Inferno Ink/Darkmoon Cards to profit from decks (more on this in a bit). So with my profits going right back to investments, I continued to hover around 900ish, investing/reinvesting/stockpiling is a daily "addiction" for me, I really need help. I just hate to pass up a great deal, because you always kick yourself in the ass afterward for not doing it, right?

So this last week, I set a goal that I needed to get the "cata" cap, and let me tell you it was tough. At one point on Wed/Thur, Whiptail was up for 42g per stack, around 100 stacks total below 45g. Tell me that isn't hard to hold back on purchasing? Well, I kept my gold tight, and didn't buy. (this is where you cheer "Yay Alto! Way to stick to your guns!"- but behind that smiling face, you are laughing that I didn't do it....aren't you?)

Fast forward a few days. Friday rolls around. I start the day with around 950ish. 50K in a day? Pretty easy, I got 8 Darkmoon Decks, I normally average around 15-20K a day with two to three "main" postings, so if I focused on the AH for a day, I figured I could make it. I [nearly] cleared out a few g-banks, character banks, and bagged items and in total on three toons had near 2200 auctions going. By 4 in the afternoon, I was at 989K, wondering if I was going to pull it off or not.

As I was logging between toons, I got on my main AH'er, and saw that a Tsunami Deck sold. 14K. After checking my other Auctions on, I moved some gold around a bit, and when I logged back into my "main", I cleared WoW's gold limit. After a few screen shots and a pat on my back for hitting my goal, I saw another Tsunami deck sell. A few minutes later, I had a Hurricane sell. Then a few i359 crafted epics sell. Just before the JMTC meeting (8pm), I had hit 122K in sales (8a to 8p). I can safely say that is and probably will be my best overall AH sales day.

So now I am wondering what to do. I have had quite a few things rolling around in my head, not knowing which way I am leaning. Hit another cap maybe? My first day I am already 100K into it (but sold quite a bit of my stock doing that). I already have bought (previous to Cata) a few Travelers Tundra Mammoths and couple Mechano Hogs, when the Vial of the Sands came out a short while back, I snatched one of them up, so I am good on mounts. Do I just BoE epix out my toons? Probably not, as I don't have time to raid. So I am currently at a loss. What do you think? What would you do?


Pahu said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats! Maybe switch up and start a brand new toon on the other faction. Gold cap as both factions would be quite an achievement :D

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

Congratilations ALto now,you can try to buy a small island to your self ,like darnassus and just sit on your pile of gold all day :).Ok just kidding ,now you can focus in a professions you never did before and see how it goes ,or even another server start for the zero.
And just to now to gloat myself ,after 2 months and a half if this gold making business i have now 32k :) grtaz for me.
I am growing slow but at a constant pace and always improving

Faid said... Reply To This Comment

I'd level more professions! Not as a "It will help you make gold" thing but just . . . I don't know, I'm addicted to professions. I love all the different ways they can all work together and so I think if I had few professions and tons of expendable income I'd probably level alts and professions on said alts. =]

I know you said you're good on mounts, but maybe if you're a collector you may seek out TCG mounts to buy, such as spectral tigers and such?

I also like Alberthus' comment, goldcap on the oppposite faction as well would be awesome to see, plus very useful. When I was going for server first Engineering there just wasn't any volatile air on my AH. I was willing to pay 500g-1000g a piece for them (I'd already invested so much I wasn't about to let some air stop me.) but they just weren't there. Hopped over to my horde toon where I had about 13k from selling pets and recipes, bought all their air, and it gave me just enough to get my 525. =] Gold on both factions is a great thing to have!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I know the guy you're talking about, i've been to every JMTC meeting, the only one whos ever said he has over 3mill gold is Rhodikus, and the only time he ever talked about an achievement for hitting gold cap was like 3-5months ago?(One of the very first JMTC meetings regardless), Back before he even hit his first gold cap?

And it was more people wondering if there WAS an achievement for the new gold cap(rumors were abound), and yes even i had heard rumors about the achieve, but Rhodikus was the one who brought it up

I read alot of your blogs alto, but your talking out your ass on this one

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks folks! I am currently leveling another toon, so I should have another two capped professions soon enough. =)


Talking outta my ass? Not sure what I am "talking" that justifies that, as I don't lie. I stand behind what I do and say 100% of the time. If you don't like what I do or say, don't read my blog. In fact, I would prefer if you don't.

As for [trying] to blast me under an "Anonymous" name, keep hiding behind a wall. When you grow balls and want to talk in person, I am always here. Email, Skype, whenever. Hell, you can even call me. I am not hiding, obviously. When someone lies, they need calling out, and this person lied. Period. They needed a bash, I gave them one, end of story.

Kammler said... Reply To This Comment


Happy to hear success stories, especially from one of the good guys!

I also endorse the cap on other faction--would be a nice footprint to have (one in each camp).

Oh, and sorry for the confusion. I often call gold capped players and impersonate a Blizz employee, offer congratulations and such. I'll stop since it obviously has created a problem

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Too funny. It's just some things get me frustrated, and although I try to write with an open mind, sometimes I just gotta vent...this was the time to do it. Actually, it seems that every few weeks this is happening, does that mean it's becoming a habit?

BTW, I will let you know if I get a call...hahaha.

Sejta said... Reply To This Comment

Great Job on reaching the gold cap, i did it in the first two weeks of the expansion just mining and herbing and its great feeling when you get it for the first time! Well done again:)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Except for the fact that you claimed he said this 3-4 weeks ago, when i know for a fact Rhodikus had said that at one of the very first JMTC meeting(3-5months ago), before he had even reached a gold cap nor had anyone else reached the 1mill gold cap at that point and had came forward

Post accurate information next time?

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

oh and i quote you directly on this

'as I have yet to prove him wrong on that one'

As you said, you cant say hes lied, and from seeing Rhodikus at the meetings, he seems pretty straight up

Again, Post accurate information and maybe people like me wont call you out on it

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

Grats, Alto, that's fantastic!

Stede said... Reply To This Comment

Congratulations, Alto - time to update the Hall of Fame status on WoWecon!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks vince and stede!

I sent my email out to them this morning! It normally takes a bit for them to update and post, but it's on it's way! I feel like I just got my Bachelor's, wondering or not to go for my Master's Degree...

Vayaz said... Reply To This Comment

Congratulations! What are you waiting for, go for the second "cap". Or even better, go for the third and prove that guy wrong ;)

Zamboni said... Reply To This Comment

"nor had anyone else reached the 1mill gold cap at that point and had came forward"

Just for the record, many of us passed the 1M mark a long time ago. There's several screenshots in the JMTC forums from 2009 showing 1M banks.

There was no achievement or phone call when I passed 3M, so don't get your hopes up. Maybe it's 10M...

SotaSkoldier said... Reply To This Comment

I do recall Rhodikus saying something about him getting an achievement when he hit gold cap and all that. I know for sure after Alto hit gold cap that this doesn't exists. Perhaps Rhodikus was mistaken or got some other achievment by coincidence at the exact same time that he hit gold cap. Its highly unlikely but not IMPOSSIBLE I guess. On the subject of a personal phone call from Blizzard that I very much doubt. I was actually curious about that and searched forums all over and there are no records anywhere of people getting an unexpected phone call from Blizzard.

So the achievement at this point is either A) a Lie or B) a strange timing coincidence. And the phone call from blizzard is very very unlikely.

Thats my opinion.

XanderEragon said... Reply To This Comment

Just gotta say that Alto is 100% right about the JMTC Meeting i have been to everyone except the very first one that was held on vent. The person in question clamined to be the riches wow player ever bragging about how blizz had called HIM all the time saying he is so rich and blah blah blah...But again we have proof alto Has the 1mill gold not sure why he would lie and said there isnt any achvement.. just my 2 coppers worth


Vince said... Reply To This Comment

As much as I dislike getting in to the middle of internet arguments, you guys are unfairly attacking Rhod. To my knowledge, he has never claimed to have earned an achievement from hitting the gold cap. I believe he has, like many other have, speculated about the existence of a "Gold Cap Achievement," and perhaps this is what you all are referencing. As for being contacted by Blizz, though far fetched, I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility. Blizz will ban for "market manipulation" and the like, people have had to talk to GMs when this happens or when they get hacked, so Blizz does know there are people who like to play the AH. From what I've gathered from talking to him and his friends on their server, Rhod pretty much dominates the Alliance-side AH. With that in mind, I wouldn't be too surprised to learn that Blizz had taken an interest in the guy.

I've talked with Rhod quite a bit, been to a large majority of the meetings, and these negative descriptions of him are completely different from the Rhod I know. I've never know him to outright brag, and I distinctly remember having to egg him on during the first JMTC Q&A session to reveal how much he had. Rhod has been a helpful and contributing member of both the JMTC IRC and Weekly Chats, so I really hope these accusations won't bias people against him.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Thanks for the comment!

As you know from reading my blog, I post on gold related topics. This was a biggie for me. I hit the gold cap. In all reality, I was hoping to get an achievement, as I wanted to belive what was said. When I didn't get one, I wanted to post telling others in my situation that there is no achievement for it.

As for giving him a bad name, that was definitely not my intention. My intention was posting about my success in the game, and to clear up what someone said about an achievement.

I did not mention any names, and after talking with him on Skype yesterday, he told me that he was the one that was posting as anonymous, and he brought up his own name. I don't disagree with your point, he is very knowledgable in gold making, from what I understand he is a pro in pve and pvp, so I am not debating that fact.

What I am debating is I was told from what I thought was a reliable source that they received an achievement for capping, which ended up being untrue. But lemme tell you, it definitely wasn't meant to go as far as it did.....

Jocelle said... Reply To This Comment

I posted as Anonymous yesterday - 1. because I didn't really want to get too involved in this, and 2. because I haven't been at the meetings in quite a while and have been a bit out of the loop - you may or may not remember me from the earlier meetings. But I'm going to attempt to make another post and maybe this one will make the cut and you put it on your comments!

I spoke with Rhodikus after this whole... debacle... and I honestly think he was shocked at what you wrote and HOW you wrote it. You stated in your last comment that you were not meaning for this to be taken this far, but let's be honest... you went at him! "You know who you are, don't waste my time anymore" doesn't sound like you were just stating someone made an error with some information and you were informing the masses. I WAS at most of the earlier meetings and I do remember having a conversation regarding a possible achievement for a gold cap. But I do NOT remember Rhodikus stating that he RECEIVED an achievement for hitting gold cap.

Here's my logic on the situation... First, the meeting was one of the very first meetings. At that time the only person that I knew of that had hit the new gold cap didn't even go to the JMTC meetings - he was in IRC chat. Rhodikus stated openly that he only had about 300k at the time (this is ballpark). He was somewhat just starting out on a new server and was just REALLY getting in to making gold during those first few weeks. Once he got rolling he made it quickly, but I made characters on the server and I know he hadn't hit cap until a bit after I'd been there - and after this meeting. So for him to say at that time - since this convo WAS from an early meeting - that he had an achievement for gold cap would have been insane. Secondly, if he DID make that statement, people would have been in an uproar! People would have been IMMEDIATELY asking to see proof and when/how he got it and such. The conversation did not take that turn where people were asking 20 questions on the details of the so called achievement and such.

Like I stated in my other comment - the meeting was a long time ago and I don't want to be quoted on the exact words spoken from anyone's mouth. However, from my memory the conversation was EITHER whether or not blizzard SHOULD implement a gold cap achievement, OR a question as to whether there WAS a gold cap achievement. I'm pretty sure it was the first, and either way your scenario just... doesn't seem logical.

Now... like I ALSO said yesterday... I've enjoyed your blogs and reading your posts and you have provided some great information and tools for those in the gold making community. I feel like this is just a bit over the line though. The JMTC meetings are meant to be fun and help others out and both you and Rhod - from my understanding - are frequent participants of those meetings. To make these statements KNOWING that people would be aware of who you were speaking about just seems immature and petty to me. This is World of Warcraft GOLD! We aren't in high school and it's REALLY not that serious.

I'd really hope that you would do the right thing and remove that portion of the post... EVEN if what you state WERE to be true then simply say the man made a mistake and let's move on! I can't believe that finding out that "Rhod was wrong and lied to me" caused you so much anger to try and bash him like that. We don't need a round of Gevlon vs. Marcko again, so can we just keep the community a happy and informative place for people to enjoy this aspect of the game :)

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


I think deep down I wanted to belive what he said. I wanted an achievement to pop up on my screen. It didn't happen. I wrote about it......

If I come off as immature and petty, well, that's your opinion (we all have one). Once again, I wrote the artile as both an accomplishment of me hitting the cap and clearing up what someone said to be true, which in fact, isn't true.

I have wrote before and will continue to write what goes on in my little WoW world. It is how I have always wrote and will continue to write until my last post on this blog.

Delete a part of my post? Nah. If like you said he made a mistake by misinforming people (myself included), admit you were wrong, move on. Easy as that.

I will finish this comment with a quote...

"Remove the post or ill carry this on, i dont care, i have time to discredit you and rip you apart at the meeting. You started this, im finishing this"

I think that statement is a bit more childish. But once again, that is my opinion, and we are all entitled to one. =)

Prncesspwn said... Reply To This Comment

As Alto said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Here's mine... Being in the same guild as Rhod, I have a basic understanding of how he rolls. He has a tendency, at least in my eyes, to stretch the truth at times. He has mentioned the achievement for gold cap a few times, whether he assumed there would be before he got it, or whatever, he has mentioned it to me before. He also said there was a title, named Scrooge. Because I am an achievement/title whore I have put in my own efforts to reach gold cap, in part because of these remarks. It sucks that these statements aren't true, but it is what it is.

I have known both Rhod and Alto for awhile now, so I know their personalities. Alto is an extremely nice person, who is always willing to stand by his word, and willing to help everyone.

Rhod, in game is very focused on his gold-making, and doesn't care what he does to get there for the most part( I think everyone knows he pushed me out of the glyph market)but I do know first hand that outside of the game he is actually a nice person, but does have a tendency of rubbing people the wrong way sometimes.

I think the important thing to remember is, that sometimes people just don't mesh well together, and that is obviously the case here. There isn't anything wrong about that, that's just how things are. I don't think any less of either person involved, and still consider both friends. Hopefully everyone can move on accordingly, and still give good info to other potential gold farmers, and still work well together when needed.

SotaSkoldier said... Reply To This Comment

I have been impartial this entire time through all of this. I can say with 95% certainty that Rhodikus did in fact say he got an achievement for hitting gold cap. At this point; who really cares! He either pulled an Andy Kaufman style joke or lied. Honestly ya'll gotta move the hell on.

JohnSmith said... Reply To This Comment

Gotta say a big thanks too jocelle for confirming what i had thought about Markco for along time now but wasnt sure if it was just me, but after going over the whole Gevlon vs Markco posts, i feel i was justified to feel the why i do/did, and then today he posts what i considered to be a realy unhanded way of making gold (step 2), and then insults his readers on the coments. but then theres Alto who seems to be an upstanding memeber of the gold blogging community keep up the great work Alto look forward to coming to your site everyday, sometimes 3-4 times a day to check if any new posts are up.

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