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Friday, March 25, 2011

Enchanting Mats: Greater Eternal Essences and Auctioneer

To follow up with my enchanting post from a few days back, another issue that Megan was running into was finding materials for her enchants. Now I just picked one, as this seems to be one of the most expensive and highly sought after essences in WoW.

You can see from the screenshot above, that this surpasses the prices on any essence, in fact, it is a constant on most servers that this is the main dog. Now there are a few options you can utilize to pick up enchanting mats. You can use the Auctioneer Enchant Mats search (however mine seems to be broken for quite some time now...), but once again, and you should know by now, I don't always cover the easiest way to get things. Knowledge is power, and I want (and prefer) you to know and get used to the names, the items, and what and where they come from. Some addon's take all the "smarts" out of things, and at times, is okay. But this way you will be checking and learning, which is a positive step in the AH PvP.

So what we do know is that Greater Eternal Essence is disenchanted from many different items. I am going to focus on a few different ways (and you can go from there to find more, I just don't want this post to go 20 pages long). Mainly, I start with a search on Auctioneer for levels 48-55, as that seems to pull the best luck for me. The numbers might be a bit off (a level here and there), but this will get you started.

Upon the mouseover, your tooltab should show something to this effect. If you look midway down the lower window, you will see a "Disenchants Into:" and this is what you need to check before buying off the AH. Now this item has a 75% chance to "drop" 1.5 Illusion Dusts, and a 20% chance to drop the kingpin, Greater Eternal Essence. Is this a possibility? Sure it is. Is the the "golden" opportunity? Not really. We want focus on a 75% chance to drop Greaters.

See where I am going with this? You feeling me? Good.

In order to get the most Essences (any style, any level), you will want to push for Weapons. Let's check the AH again under the "Weapon" tab..

Now the reason why I listed this second is because, well, just to see if you are reading the entire post, and not skimming through. Seriously. You should check the weapon tab first, as this is where your most profit and least risk will come from. Sneaky, huh? Now let's glance at the tooltip:

Here you will see what we are looking for. We are using the Magus Long Staff of Stamina for an example. 8g buyout price, a possible 100g profit (if we get the proc on average, we obviously won't get a 1.5, but you get my point).

Now you can use the "Disenchant Value (AucAdv)" if you would like, but it's not something I look for. I go off the odds. Now we are seeing the 75% for Greaters, which is what we want. Remember, Blizz has a RNG for disenchants (random number generator), so if you just buy one to "flip", don't expect to get them everytime.

Once again, this is a starting point for you to go by purchasing and flipping or using them to profit. There might be more or less investment involved by crafting them yourself, so take a gander on your profs to see if crafting/de'ing is a good option or not.  I hope this little "how-to" works for you as well as it has for me, and remember, this "class" will work many different ways, you just need to adjust your numbers here and there within your search.


Nev said... Reply To This Comment

've been doing this on & off for a while but it seems that many on my server have caught on too as the weapons in this level are usually listed at about the same prices as the greater eternal essences.

I know Cold did a post about Enchanted Thorium Blades for blacksmiths to d/e but you could look at any of your own crafted items in this range - tailoring or LW'ing will both have items - just check for the cheapest mats cost & do your maths :)

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thats a drag Nev. If you haven't checked in a bit, go back. I have noticed alot of folks will do this once or twice and then leave the market alone.

If it doesn't work right now, check back in a few days, and it will be good as gold (pun intended). Alot of my tips might not be viable at the moment, but have long term probability for a nice little profit. =)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

It's been said already in this thread but if you have access to a Blacksmith and an Enchanter, crafting and DEing Enchanted Thorium Blades is the way to go for GEEs.

The mats are generally cheap (espeically if you stock up when prices are low) and they yield a high percentage of GEEs. I highly recommend adding this shuffle to any goldmaker's routine.

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah, I have a list of offbeat things I check up on periodically so this has been added to the list :) I do find that when things are highlighted on popular blogs, it's best to wait for peeps to try them & then forget about them again :) That's when I dive in for the longer haul.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Better way to search for items to d/e: When you mouseover an enchant mat, Auctioneer's tooltip will tell you from what ilvl that mat can be disenchanted. Greater Eternals come only from item levels 46 - 50.

As most know, weapons yield more essences while armor yields more dusts, so confine your search to weapons of the appropriate ilvl.

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