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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Whiptail in 4.0.6- Damn the Uldum Dam!

Well, we knew it wouldn't last forever (but secretely hoped it would), last night (during the JMTC TS Gold Chat) I hit my "route" that I have ran about 6 times (hour blocks) since Tuesday to my normal success (a little light on Volatiles though...)

After three days of hotfixes and one server "restart" (that I know of) I started to think that maybe this was on purpose (the herb buff), as I was still getting great numbers, 393 Whiptail, 108 Volatile Life.

It was something completely different when I hit the same area around 1am server time for another run.....once again, some were on the "normal" post patch 2 minute timers, then I started seeing 5 minutes, then 20 minutes......

As you can see, it got worse. I then start seeing a few that are 15 hours....then a 16 hours.

By now you should know how I work, I took it upon myself to count up the nodes. 7,8,9,10,11. Now I updated you a few days back that they had nerfed a few spots (19 to 15), and now we are down another four that hadn't popped in 15+ hours. Feels like it's getting back to normal, huh? They hit a home run instead of a double with this nerf bat. And they are the opposing team... It seems the nodes that are left are still spawning decent, but the overall spawn locations dropped. again.

Since I dislike the monotony of herbing unless I absolutely need it (I spent soooo many hours in Wintergrasp with both herbs and ore you don't even want to know..),  and after seeing the suspected nerf of my new fav place, I got the ban stick myself. I hit the hour mark, tapped PrntScr, and was regretting about telling you folks what I have found while with tears in my eyes, I mail the 14 stacks I received to my "milling" toon. /cry.

To make it even worse, I cannot give you exact numbers as I musta (in my 2am stupor) missed tapped the PrntScr as when I woke up this morning, the SS was no where to be found. Once again, /cry....

To sum it up, does anyone have a box of kleenex for poor Alto?


Cold said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah It's live today at JMTC, but ya know what? You are presenting the proper information. JMTC appears to have a queued post that was written before the nerfs, but publish after the nerfs, which doesn't look good as that current post is already outdated.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Cold, I appreciate the kind words.

Sealskjaer said... Reply To This Comment

Better start buying cheap whiptail to flip before the price goes back up then, thanks for the early warning Alto.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

No problem Seal,

Don't forget to check on Heartblossom and Volatile Life as well!

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Well heartblossom on my server never dipped, its always been skyhigh, I think people hate deepholme too much to farm there. I only go once a week or so in the early morning to avoid competition and get what I need for flasks and stuff. But with that said I plan to make a killing on a couple markets with all the cheap whiptail I got,(some under 100g a stack).

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Alto!

I started farming this spot last friday night at around 12, thinking the area had been nerfed. Thanxs to your post, I was able, over the weekend, to gather 221 stacks and more than 1400 VL... What's a guy to do with all this Whiptail :-) Whiptail shuffle anyone?

Thxs again.


Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Glad it helped you! Nice to see that you banked!

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