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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Results Are In! And the Winner Is....

I regret to inform you that due to the "chads" sticking, I need to go through and count the submissions by hand. I also have to say that not everyone's votes counted, as they were tossed out in court due to not being relevant to the question asked. Lemme guess, you are all pretty cheesed at me right now. Amirite?

Just kidding. I do want to start this post by saying thanks to all that have taken interest in this little project of mine. I did not think there would be this much discussion on the matter, let alone all the comments left by you. And for that, I thank-you once again. If no one else loved you this past Valentines Day, I did. And still do. Now for the gunk!

Alot of folks commented on how bad #1 would be. Since the release of WoW, there has basically been addons. I started a few months into the release (however I did play a bit at my bud's, he had access from day one, and even a bit before with the Beta from playing Diablo) and there were already addon's out, although nothing compared to what they are this idea was the first one tossed out.

For number two, starting a fresh toon with 1K. The comments received on this one were all over the place. Some liked the idea of a level 1, yet others commented how much this has been done before. Nev did a great series on this at Auction House Addict, Markco has this listed on a part of his 20K guide as well as a youtube video on it. No reason for me to go this route either. It has been done, and very well I might add.

So neither 1 or 2 wins....well...sorta. Read on please:

Lets go over the comments. Almost every post and email that I read were either wanting some sort of a mix of the two, or a complete hybrid of the ideas as a whole. Now is where I am stuck.

"The email did make a very good point in that a majority of gold-making blogs are geared toward higher level toons with maxed or near maxed professions" Ali

"Realistically, if a player had only a level one character with nothing but 1000g they would probably be more interested in leveling than making gold straight away." Seal

"Some great comments here but I'm going to be contrarian here. I say neither" Super Casual

"I'm not particularly interested in another "Rags to Riches" experiment" Vince

"challenge #2 will teach low level players how to make gold when they're just starting." Mage

"Of course, I'm not exactly riveted by Challenge #2, either, but it'd be a better read" Stede

"Good luck sir, and may you survive without clawing out your eyes at the horrible default AH UI." Bruski (loved this comment, he really wants me to be hurt. bad..."

"I'd have to agree with "neither"." Michael

"Maybe do something else, like only use some professions that are (almost) never blogged about? I'm thinking Blacksmithing!" Xylaria

So as you can see, there are quite a few "morphs" in the comments, and the emails I received (18) are basically the same, most hating the one and making a "hybrid" of 2.

Now I have come to my decision. Drum roll please.......

I will start a Horde DK (lvl55, a "mid" level toon) on a mid population server,  and will level two professions along with it. And he's a goblin...(just kidding). A nice juicy steak. Err, I mean Tauren. In case you are interested in keeping up with him when I am not posting about him, check his auctions over at TuJ, his name is Altolycus on the server Anvilmar.

Ebon Hold awaits!

Are you happy with the results? Are you pissed off about them? Shout out! Don't hold it in! *it will just give you a tummyache...


Nev said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the link Alto :) I shall look forward to reading about your endeavours & great way of keeping everyone happy lol. My usual way of starting on a new server is a DK, good bags to start & about 30g by the time you leave their starting zone.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

It should be an interesting run, but the problem is with time, as I am limited daily. I am hoping to get two hours on him a day, but I think that is quite a stretch...

Shannara said... Reply To This Comment

Anyone know what a "TuJ" is?

Stede said... Reply To This Comment

I actually like this. There's no clear-cut guidance on what professions to grab when rolling a DK. Some low level crafting professions can be profitable (Tailoring for bags, Inscription for Glyphs). I used my DK as a way to flesh out my professions, grabbing Enchanting and Alchemy. I just got to L75 yesterday, and one of my biggest problems is leveling Alchemy past the "Goldthorn Gauntlet", which is a huge pita as none (absolutely zero) are available on the AH.

So (idk how big your server is, Alto - mine is quite small on the Alliance side I play on) - I'd add a twist. You can't use your other toons to help. No farming mats or mailing bags. You can use a bank alt to sell / buy, but the 1k gold has to be used between them. (It seems silly to think you'd have to run to the AH every time you wanted to list / relist, and anybody can make a bank alt).

@Shannara - I think Alto was referring to The Undermine Journal...

Bruski said... Reply To This Comment

"Anyone know what a "TuJ" is?"
He's either talking about Temple University, Japan, or The Undermine Journal, one of the most useful sites (with regards to gold making) ever.

I'm kindof sad the no addons one didn't get picked, as I'll probably skip most of the "pretending I'm a new person to the game" posts.
When my sister began playing, I told her "grab enchanting and mining, DE every uqest reward you can and sell ore and bars on the auctionhouse, along with any recipes/formulas you get, using auctionlite." Doing this alone, she had 10k by the time she hit 80 in two months. Now that I showed her how to use TSM to autopost vendor recipes and pets (a market I've always been too lazy to develop) and switched mining for skinning (much higher profits atm) she's making about 5k a week, which for a casual player like her is plenty, although she manages to spend it almost all of it on noncombat pets.

TLDR; Any reasonably intelligent new player can get along fine with a paragraph of advice, more than that isn't very necessary.

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

This is a fantastic idea, Alto! I remember reading somewhere quite some time ago about how DKs make great Profession Mules. They start at 55, and you can grind up to 65 very very quickly, at which point you can max your profs to Wrath level. I very much look forward to the results of this experiment. It is definitely something that will benefit all players, provided they haven't already rolled a DK (or at the very least, don't play one as a main).

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

This is actually exactly what I did when I decided to switch servers - I created a DK to scope out the markets and start making me gold before I transferred my main.

So, I'm interested to see where you decide to take this.

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