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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Readers Choice- Part II & Farming "Darting Hatchling" Pet

Hey folks, here we are, two days into my toon, I am already running into issues. My daughter is sick, so I have extremly limited time to even log in. I had about thirty minutes today to "attempt" to log onto three toons, set and reset the auctions (I did a horrible job, I only reposted on one toon...more on that in a minute) and try to spend a few minutes at least on my project DK.

Luckily, I am still able to post this evening, but who knows what tomorrow brings, as she is getting worse. You guys are part of my online family, but my RL family has to take priority. Sorry folks...Well, enough of that, let's get to reading, huh?!

Due to a comment made on my post on Part 1, I decided to hit another area that I farm the hatchling pets (here you go Kammler), in fact this one is my favorite of all of them (as with most buyers too), the Darting Hatchling. See the sexxy smoke trail? That's why they (and I) love this pet.

Now to get this pet, you must first know that the spawns are on 6-8hr timers, so if you go there and see no spawns after looking around the area I list, you need to check back. I used to park toons in each area (when they were going for 2K) and log in just to grab them, log out, next toon, rinse, repeat.

Once again, they have a "sparkly" trail that grabs your attention that it is there (if you don't notice a huge nest with flippin pink eggs sticking out of it...).

When you are farming this pet, you will need to go to Dustwallow Marsh (Kalimdor) just to the East of Blackhoof Village. Once again, this "drop" is all around the area that I have highlighted.

You will know you are close when you see the dinosaurs running around. Check around every brush, tree, and hill that's in the area. Now there is a rare mob, aptly named "Dart" that roams around, he will give you a freebie green, so knock him out....(I guess it's a her if she lays bad).

Now for the quick update on my DK.

Other than randow drops from leveling up my herbalism and mining, the drop "pet" that I posted previously, there is a recipe that I sold, Rainbow Fin Albacore.

When starting a new toon, it is a must to get some starter cash to  "flip" vendor items. In this case, 4s to 4g. The great thing, it's not even a "limited" item.
Snatch it up from your local fishing vendor in any major city.

*Edit- Within literally seconds of posting this, Vince over at Bank of Wukam posted on this fishing vendor (he did a better job than I, so click anywhere here to go check his site!)

Right outside the AH is a Fishing Supplies Vendor by the name of Shankys. Shankys sells three Cooking recipes: Recipe: Mithril Head Trout, Recipe: Rainbow Fin Albacore, and Recipe: Rockscale Cod.

Aight, that's the update, one set of AH and a couple hundo gold. I did have to invest a bit of time leveling my gathering profs, I am up to 5 hours playtime (with no push on leveling....yet). How did this noob blogger do meshing two posts in one? Hope you enjoyed it, holler if you ran into questions at this level of AH or this level toon, and I will do my best to get you a post on it! Later, skater! (can you tell I watched an 80's flick today?)


Vince said... Reply To This Comment

Hahaha, what fortuitous timing, thanks for the love, Alto!

I hope your daughter gets well soon!

And thanks for the heads up on the pets. Didn't really know they were lootable spawn, I always figured they were random drops. I'll have to check that out real quick.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks. 100% lootable...if you see the cogwheel, they are up for grabs.

Be forewarned, you will get addicted if you start farming them. After a while, you can get the Kalimdor route down (pending search) in about 20 minutes for the three spawns.

Good luck! Not many peeps have them on farm anymore, so they are ripe for the picking!

Red said... Reply To This Comment

good tip dude !! thx

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

Don't forget the Razormaw hatchling in the wetlands although prices have dropped from over 1k to about 150-200 now. I popped over the mountain a few times whilst questing in Twilight Highlands to see if it had spawned. There's a cave on Raptor Ridge (at the eastern end of the zone, near the horde place, soz, can't remember the name) but the nest can spawn in 2 or 3 different places within the cave. I've usually found it on the big 'island' in the large central cavern.

If you want to park a toon here, park a miner - there's loads of ore that spawns pretty fast too so if the egg isn't there, you can at least get a stack :)

Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the shout out.

Just checked my server. Leaping Hatchlings are going for ~275g, 4 listed-10 sold in the last week. Darting Hatchling going for ~250g, 20 sold last week, 15 listed. Razormaw Hatchling going for ~115g, over 20 sold last week, 4 listed now.

Gotta love TUJ.

@ Nev: thanks for the tip on Razormaw pets!

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

Nice post Alto,as usual and best wishes and get well soon to your daughter .

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