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Friday, February 25, 2011

PTR 4.1.0 Zul' Gurub 5 Man Heroic Snapshots- Part I

Just a quick update, in between the constant issues with D/C'ing, the horrible pugs (I dont think they even have level 60 toons, not sure why they are allowed to "roll" a test 85 if you have never even done an instance before) and the bad lag times, I was able to get a few pics of ZG for ya'll to drool over (blizz actually did a good job changing the scematics of the instance, even though the baseline graphics are there, I like the additions so far!)

For those that don't want to see, spoiler alert inc!


Starting off, the instance is great. I D/C'd three times at the first boss, so there was a total wipe each time (not that a piddly rogue's DPS would have helped- a dead deeps is worse than a bad deeps), but I can tell you to use the cauldrons, as they have a buff (Toxic Torment) that absorbs 90% of nature damage (and it's unlimited, so mid fight you can run back to debuff, I recommended to the tank to "pull" next to it, common sense huh? lol.).

There are achievements that are related to the "dungeon" as well, a "PTR Guildie" just got one before I disconnected for the last time, and wasn't able to get back on again, so I was not able to get a pic for you.

Is this patch going to get me back into enjoying the game again? I am thinking so....


Prncesspwn said... Reply To This Comment

My boyfriend and some guildies are trying the PTR tonight! Hopefully they get all the dc issues figured out for ya, but bad pugs probably cant get fixed!

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

Ohhh, how's the new rogue stealth mechanic? I'm so excited for that for PvP!

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