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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JMTC Carnival - How You Can Make Gold With Limited Playtime

This is my monthly post for JMTC's Blogging Carnival. If you aren't familiar, take a few and go over there to check out some of the previous month's posts. Great information there, so go read up!

I feel that alot of the raiders are (for the most part) left in the dust when it comes to AH tips. So you don't have a "capped" profession. You barely have enough time to log in, hit the AH for your pots/buff food before you are late. Again.

/guild chat "Joe Shmoe's late. Again. Ugh. We will wait 5 more minutes"
/guild chat "I am at the AH getting buffs man, chill"
/guild chat "Sure you forgot last time. Hurry up."
/guild chat "Gimme one minute, I gotta hit the vendor too"
/guild chat "Alright, I am ready"

Sound (or look) familiar? So you are limited time and you wanna make some cash. Not a problem. With or without addons, but I prefer if you get Auctioneer and Auctionator, as this will help you with my (now your) 5 minute AH plan...

If you don't have Auctioneer and Auctionator:

Ok. If you are new to the whole AH addon thing, then listen up. If you are a raider, then you already know how to install. EZ peezie, right? Ok. Do it. Now. Got em? Get em in there. You need to set up a "base" of knowledge. You will need to do scans of both types. On the main page, there is a Scan in the lower left side, this is the "full" scan. Do that. See the time left? Yeah. Go do something for "x" minutes. From now on, you can hit the little "fast forward" button on the top of the AH screen. See it? Ok. Use this every time you hit the AH. Feel me? Okie dokie. Done. After doing this for a week or so (prefer two weeks to get a good baseline- two months is better) you will have enough built up to start seeing trends. But at the very least, this will get you started.

If you do:
You have nothing to read here. Doesn't it feel good? But you do have to read below. Ok?

Now for the juicy parts. I am not a Cata raider (ok, back in Vanilla, I was da killa DPS in Molten Core and AQ20/40), so you can probably teach me alot about this area. But I know enough about what sells, and what I don't know, there is and if you are stuck and don't know about a certain item we are looking at. Screenies incoming...

Here is my first example. See that stack of Savage Leather? (Don't forget to look for the Savage Leather Scraps too) Toss a bid on it. You might not win, but it's worth a shot. You can see from the left side of the screen, you just tab through to get here, and glance through the auctions. Anything in trade goods under 10% you basically can buy. Now Cata goods, Anything under the 30% threshold I snatch up. These are all 100% resale for you. Freebie profits. You should be looking at Leather, Metal & Stone, Meat, Herb, basically everything in Trade Goods will do.

Second example. Toughened Flesh. Now these are set for buyouts. They are cheap. Crazy cheap. Why? Supply and Demand. Now these images will be different from your server, but the idea is still the same. Snatch all these up. A hundo gold or so, and relist for 80% or above. What? You don't get 80%? Ok. See the 14% next to the price? Multiply by 7'ish to get near the 100% price scan. You feel me? Ok. relist at that price. Same if you pick up something for 30%. Go off times three of your price. You buy em for 20g? Should list for 60g.
You have a few options on how to buy these (remember, use your judgement on what to purchase, if you are just starting the AH game, only buy what you know. Or have used. That means if raiders use it, it sells). Alright. Either click and buy every one of them on this screen (i do not recommend), or use the reddish tab on the lower right of the AH window that says BUY. Now type in Toughened Flesh or whatever it is you want to buy. Click away, and in this case, I would buy to the 3g'ish one. Why? Markup. You can go and clear the AH of these, but that is a different post. You are limited here, and only have 5 minutes, remember?

Now here's the quickie on listing auctions. Here, you will be using the Orange (red) SELL tab on the bottom of the AH window. See it? Ok. Now list those toughened flesh's you just bought by draggin them from your bag into that little slot. Auctionator will automatically undercut the competition, and in this case, we went to the 3g group. So basically, out of the 80ish flesh's we bought, we should end up with a 200g profit upon sales. Now if you are inclined, I wouldn't recommend it, but you can buy out everything up to the 15g one, and be able to sell for quite a bit more profit. But once again, I wouldn't advise that right now....

Ok. I think you are getting the gist of the basics of the AH. After using it a while, you will fly through your buying and selling. You might actually start enjoying it, as you can make a quick buck here. After a while, you will get used to what items are sellers, and what aren't. Use your own experience in what you have bought and just stay in that market for now. What? You want more? I thought I was done? Ok. One more tip.

Look up two pictures. See it? Ok. Look at the left of the screen. See all them items I have listed? Those are recent searches on the Auctionator Buy Tab. Once you buy (or search for that matter) an item, it stays in there. So say those Toughened Flesh are selling good for you. Check daily on what's in stock by going to that screen and tapping enter. If they are low, buy em. EZ again, huh?

Alright. We are almost at the end of the post. If you have any questions about this process, or want more ideas, I am sure other readers will be posting extra information below this in comments, so make sure and check back a day or so later to re-read this post and the comments. You can always ask or email myself at and I will work with you, maybe even hop on your server if you really need assistance. Sound good? Ok.

Here is where all your time spent doing those heroics is gonna pay off. Greatly. At a cost of 1650'ish VP's, It might take a few weeks to get up there, a week if you are hardcore, a few days if you don't sleep..... 

So you have extra Valor Points? You are in luck, and you are gonna make a killing from turning them in. You already know where the vendor is, right? Ok. What you are gonna buy are the boots. Any boots. *Edit- Anonymous commented below that the leather boots, Treads of Fleeting Joy, are the way to go!

They are BoE and will sell on the AH and in /2 by "barking" your wares. What? You don't know what barking is? Selling goods. You don't have to get fancy and make a macro unless you want to, but a simple "/2 Selling Epic BoE Boots. Your choice, 20K" or what have you.

Don't worry, they will sell. I personally haven't done this one, and I was debating whether to mention it, but I know a few peeps that raid (and when they aren't, Heroics ftw) that have flipped a few of these. "Free" 20K (ahaha....if you read my posts, you will understand...). Although, certain buyers will pay upwards of 50K for a juicy new set of i359s.

Remember, if you have any questions feel free to post below (and don't think you will be noobified for them, no question is a bad question). There are quite a few folks that are extremely helpful, and would be happy to give you advice on the subject. I hope you learned something, and if you didn't, well, it happens. The information is pretty basic, and alot of people already do this, but if you are not a crafter, and your time is just spent "flipping" items, you will still do great. Don't go too small, don't go too big. Never invest more that 25% of your total cash into one area at a time. Before you know it, you will be a big AH'er. Just don't forget to check back to the blog to get more daily scoops of whatever crap Alto is serving.....

Thanks for reading, now go make some cash!


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Alto - Just buying any boots is not the way to go. Some boots sell for a lot more then others due to the lack of comparable rep items.

If you are going to sell them on the AH the Leather Agi based ones are one of the best options and the Plate Str based ones are also decent but not as strong as the leather ones.


Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Anonymous (if that is your real name..),

Updated the post, thanks for the comment to clarify! My cronie (that sells these) said that he has sold two leathers, one plate, and one cloth. So my guess is that it is all about supply and demand.

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