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Friday, February 11, 2011

Email Question Answered- Alto's Play by Play Morning Ritual

*Edit- I have an update, as I just saw we had another hotfix. I reported back on patch day that it seemed that the cost of PvP gear was raised. Blizz announced that it is was an unexpected error, prices are now back to normal.

Morning folks! I recceived an email from one of my readers recently, and wanted to cover it in a post. I am going to hit on my changed AH ritual, and the basis is going to be my start to finish a.m. process (normally around 30 minutes). So sit back, take a sip of coffee, and enjoy!


I want to say thanks for the informaition you have been giving us, it is a great help! Some days, I feel like you are writing just for me, your posts cover just what I ask! I have been a reader for a few months, and I still go back here and there to re-read your posts. I have two questions if you don't mind. One, have you changed your auction house ritual lately? What are you doing different? And two, you interviewed Marcko and asked him what his "day in the life of" was like, what's yours?

Heather XXXXXX

I do miss seeing your mailbox openings. It gives me motivation to pursue my own goals. I started at 22,Kg and am now sitting at 110,Kg two months later, even after buying a Vial of the Sands mount! I have attached some screen shots of mine, they aren't as big, but I had a 9Kg day!

85 Priest 525 Inscription- 525 Tailoring
84 Mage 525 Mining- 525 Herbalism


Well Heather, here you go!


Daddy wakes up (I am not Alto yet, so I am better known in life as Daddy....) I go into my office, log into wow, do an AH scan through Auctionator. I now take the role of Alto.

Since there are still some recipies that are out there from 4.0.6 drop, I go into Auctioneer first and click on Rare (so it only shows rare and above recipies). I notice that there is a Formula- Enchant Bracer- Major Strength in the AH for 15K buyout, 7.5K bid. First one that I have seen, so I hesistate, and decide to send an in game mail to the seller with an offer....

Go to the mailbox, SS for "The Openings" and see I have a "few" C.O.D's 19 to be exact. 200+ stacks.
I click each one, pay the COD fee and let them sit. My farmer has his gold, he's happy. I have a ton to prospect.

I now write a mail to purchase the Formula, and send it out (I know I spelled strength wrong, was that intentional? You decide...).

While I am running, I hit the Jewelcrafter's daily to see if I need to list up some uncut gems. Stardust. Some like this one cuz it's easy, I don't because there is no money to be made. Oh well..

Back to the AH to check my auctions, see what I need to relist, and see if I need to buy anything for flips, resale, or crafting needs. I pull up on Auctionator Buy tab a few of my "Shopping Lists" on what are normail undercut items and what I purchase regularly. I see the red X, and that tells me I have been outbid. Since the AH fee is so cheap on the Essences, I delete and relist as lowest seller.

I see that Cinderbloom is at a decent price for a "Milling Flip" (so I double check the current Inferno Ink costs), and I see that I will triple my investment . So, 57 stacks of 20 are bought. Now I know that I have milling (about 10 minutes) and prospecting (about 20-25 minutes) to do later. The things we do for virtual gold, huh?

Now I start to relist my "daily" items. Cut/Uncut Gems/Shadowspirit Diamonds, Glyphs, Blackfallow Ink and Inferno Ink, random blues/epic gear and weapons, a few ores and herbs on occasion, any Volatiles, Essences, Dusts, Vendor items, etc (Can you see I am not in one market?) If you count it out, I probably hit about 30 (easy), and am successful in "almost" all of them. Note the "almost". There are folks that camp the AH, or have the mobile AH that undercut consistently. I cannot, as I don't have the time. Throughout the day, I will hit 5 min here and there if I can, but not always..

I now hop on my Alchemist, as I need to do the Daily Transmute and I need to craft some Shadowspirits (I am a few days off, so she has some stock to D/E as well). I open her mail, and 4 pages of work for her as well. Fun times ahead.... (figure the math on that one, 27 mails times 12 per mail. Can you say behind?)


So onto her Transmute. She is based in Dal for the bank and AH access and for Jessica the Ink trader, but since the patch, no need for that, so not sure where she will sit now....


Log off, and start my day. My daughter sleeps till around 830ish, so I have a bit of time to write up the post. I end up not having more time to proofread and post until 10am, when her show is on t.v. 

I hope this gives you a bit of insight to how the ball rolls for me. Day to day the morning ritual changes, logging and posting from three different toons, depending on who has been lacking or who holds what in their banks. Now I did not go into a whole lot of detail, but if you would like a more defined post on a certain area, holler in comments or send an email to .

Now my questions for you. Does this look familiar? Do you do anything different or unique that I didn't hit on? Do you have any ideas/advice for me on this process? Do you agree with Heather and want me to start posting my openings again?   


Stede said... Reply To This Comment

6:55 am - I've seen a lot of people talk about this, Alto, and it makes perfect sense. However, I've never actually done it or seen it in action. That was cool to see, and I'll probably start doing it myself.

This looks fairly familiar - Collect cash, buy, craft, list/re-list (I slip a cancel in there). I don't want to begrudge your readers or anything, Alto, but I'd rather see you post on stuff besides you openings - you're other posts are just that good.

caca said... Reply To This Comment

the only thing that I'm doing different is use MySales Addon to check what are sold and I want to craft again.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Stede,

Glad to see you enjoyed it, and thanks for the love!

As you know from reading that email, it does motivate some folks to know that 5OK in "small" sales a day is possible, and that was my point when I tossed them in (also to prove that I am not a "fly by night" AH'er, and they are proof that what I write works!)

Now on the same token there are folks like you (and others) that would rather not see them. I get about a 50/50 mix both ways. I continue to do my best to try to keep both sides happy. =)

@ Caca,
Thanks for the tip! I only used that to track total sales, I imagine you have to refresh daily to check what sells and needs to be restocked? Is there a certain process you use to delete the files?

Stede said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah - it's not that I don't enjoy them, but given the choice between something to marvel at and something to think about, I generally choose the latter - just my personality. I'll still read w/e you post :)

As for using MySales to track stuff, you don't have to reset it. You can export the data to excel and do a lot of cool things with it.

I suppose you could also just visually inspect it, too, but that seems like it would be tedious for large volumes of sales.

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

Wow nice tip there Stede to export the MS for excel,and Alto solid topic as always.
And you get up really soon ^^.

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