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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WoW Podcast- Auction House Junkies- Plus Alto's AH Guide for Scribes

We have all been waiting for the Tuesday podcast by some great bloggers, Capped by Cata and Cold's Gold Factory. And it was a hit. There is something about reading about making gold, then there is hearing about it. They covered some great information there, don't hesitate to check it out: Auction House Junkies Podcast: Episode 1. I know I am already a loyal viewer of both their blogs, and now of their podcast. I hope you do the same. Thanks Wes and Cold for the great information, keep it rocking!

Alot of the conversation revolved around "barking" the Mysterious Fortune Cards.

As you know from previous posts, they are (and will) be a great profit for some time still. The great thing about these cards is they are a constant demand. Let me explain. When you are gearing up, you have one slot: for a helm, for a belt, for a weapon, etc. (unless you are dual speccing with multiple types of gear, so you will have two slots). But you can see where I am going here. The cards can be used multiple times, over and over, and they are still "needed", so sales will be consistant.

I myself have made a ton of gold on these, and they are a consistant seller (in fact the highest seller- quantity wise) of all my items sold in the AH over the weekend:

On my server, there are currently 10-15 sellers in this market, so I have a ton of competition. If this is your issue, and you are looking for an example, here is how I work:

Upon logging on, I do my usual routine, check the mail, check the AH, post, rinse, repeat. I normally have COD's waiting in my box from my farmers (if I am lucky), and I always pick up all the herbs I can that are under 100g/stack (in my AH). That means that 5 inks I receive per stack means my sellpoint on the Cards is 20g ish (and you can see above my average sale over 161 sold was 23g), so I make my money back on just the Blackfallow. Then you have the Inferno Inks that can be made (instant profit). I sell quite a few of them as just that, Inferno Inks. 150-210g a pop. I am currently averaging around 120g per stack of ink that I buy (over the weekend stats- although MySales doesn't show individual, only per stack. Whether that is one or 20, which most are in 5 stacks). Now you can craft the Faire Cards, Scrolls of Fort, etc with them, but I do not go there much. If I have 10+ stacks of Inferno, I will go into them, but I don't see much profit on a per card basis (like I stated earlier with all the competition out there) unless you have luck, which doesn't seem to follow me....

FYI- Depending on how your server is, I have little competition on the Tattooed Eyeball, Notched Jawbone, and the Silver Inlaid Leaf, and they are quite good sellers, bringing in 2 to 3K per. So check your AH and post if the supply is not full of competition.

To put this in perspective of mass buying and selling, if you buy only 10 stacks of herbs (1000g investment), mill them, Fortune Card them, and Inferno Ink them, you are looking at a 1000g (minimum) profit. Now take that into 100 stacks. 10K profit. Now 500 stacks. 50K profit. See where this is going? It is a great moneymaker, and alot of us have easily pulled in hundreds of thousands of gold just from this flip. If you aren't in this group, let me ask. Why not?

For the fans of "The Openings", I am using a new style, this was MySales (addon) since Friday:


Cold said... Reply To This Comment

Glad You Liked The Show!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Loved it! Can't wait until the next one!

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I may be reading too much into your 'My Sales' numbers, but it appears to me that the fortune cards are the secondary market (or even byproduct) of your Inferno Ink sales. Not to say that both aren't worthwhile investments of your time : ) On a related note, I had good luck with the couple decks I was able to get turned in, but it sure looks like competition will be flooding the market when the faire comes back to town.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Josh,

Yup. You are correct sir, especially this weekend, and the week(s) heading up to the the Faire. Inferno's are (and have been) a big $$ seller, but the reference I was going for was in sheer quantity of items sold. Profit wise, by far the Inferno Ink sales outweigh the Mysterious Fortune Cards.

Thats good to hear that the decks are selling good for you! I have only flipped a few of them, not actually trying to complete sets (there are 4-5 scribes that have been fighting that market, I think I will let them rumble). I do however make a few cards here and there, and keep my fingers crossed for a good proc, but normally end up with one that, if I am lucky, can sell for 1K (so I end with a "loss" overall). I am glad that someone out there is holding good profits from them!

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