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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Having Issues With Auctionator? 2.8.8 Download Available on Curse

FYI- For the past few days, there was a message for me upon login:

As with most messages that appear, I thought nothing of it. Until I logged into my AH toon, and Auctionator starting going crazy. I would toss an item up for sale, and get a completely different item on the bottom. Weird. So I decided to go to Curse to get the new download (they are safe, but you still want to have your security scrape the download, as you never know.....), and you can do it here: Auctionator Version 2.8.8

Version 2.8.8
  • Fixed the bug with quoted items (exact match) on shopping lists
  • Fixed the bug when there are more than 9 identical pages of the same item
  • History now displays the average of the lowest and highest LOW price for each day
  • Updated the internal list of BOP items so that auction price in tooltips for BOP cataclysm items now show BOP instead of "unknown"
  • Continued updating the disenchanting tables
  • Various and sundry code cleanup
Upon logging in with the new version, I see no major differences, but the correct item is now showing. Cheers! Until next time....


Daniel said... Reply To This Comment

I was wondering about that message ... as no other add-on since now did that. Does it sends packets to home site, does it look for other people with the add-on for the newer version ? (Group Calendar was doing that)
I trust Curse and in this case might not be a problem, but an add-on that sends data outside game would worry me.

Thomas said... Reply To This Comment

It is not possible for an addon to send data out of game. I suppose it is using a shared communication channel with other users on your server.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Rawer,
I have never seen it before. Makes me wonder what/where my Auctioneer information is going...I am wondering if it's like the wowhead download, where they take your in game information to update the website. Hmmm...

@ Thomas,
No clue what that means, but it still makes me wonder what other information of mine is being shared. Can you explain for the computer illiterate?

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