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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hotfixes by Blizz Dec14 and How they Affect You

Ok all, we got a few more hotfixes around an hour ago, here are the ones that stood out to me:

•The Alchemy mount Vial of the Sands is no longer Bind-on-Pickup.
Another gold sink. It looks like these will be BoE. *updated

•Obsidium Ore nodes now spawn more frequently in Deepholm.
This is good news. No new spawns, just more frequently. Gonna check it out. =)

•Pristine Hides were too common and now have less of a chance to drop.
Uhm. If this doesn't tell you to hit the AH I am not sure what will. I can see these easily going up in their current price, so buy NOW! (I have been buying these up for around 50-60g each, I see them hitting 200 easy)

•The gem cuts Timeless Nightstone, Jagged Jasper, and Solid Zephyrite can no longer create perfect versions of the cut.
We knew this was coming from my post earlier today...they had issues with Dec 13 patch day.

•Lava Surgers were caught red-handed showing no loot. Showing no loot of an almost broken nature. This will not do. (They now drop loot and can be mined.)
Happy times. New spot? =)

•The ogres in Glopgut's Hollow now respawn at a higher rate than before.
But fail to mention they dont drop as much cloth point with this one.

There of course are more than this, you can check on their website.


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