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Monday, December 20, 2010

Hotfixes by Blizz Dec 20 and How They Affect You

•Paid services now allow characters level 81 or higher to be transferred with up to 50,000 gold.

Silverbound Treasure Chests can now be opened and looted correctly.

This one has been bugged since I went treasure hunting when I first saw these chests were out there. Looks like it only took Blizz a month to respond to my email...hahaha.

•The search radius to find an Archaeology node from the Archaeology ability Survey has been increased. This will result in fewer searches needed while in the "green" range of surveying.
That was getting I might go back to leveling.

•The Alchemy specialization Elixir Master was granting extra potion procs instead of Potion Master when used on Cataclysm level recipes. The potions found to be causing this have been fixed.
I didn't know, but it's probably good they fixed it, I am sure some were pretty mad, and others made out like bandits (or rogues...)

Thats really it, nothing too major in my book, but as usual, take note of all of the fixes at Blizzard's website.


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