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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Evening Mail- "The OPENING"

So I have been posting a few screenshots, here's one more for you. I hope you are one of the ones that are making hella loot since Cata, and maybe you are even the one that is undercutting me. If you are, then you can probably post the same screenies.

From my previous post, you can see what I have been doing to have the landslide come in. To add to that list, whilst leveling a scribe and a gemmy, I have been selling quite a few:

Adventurer's Journals: when used, you gain one of the following "buffs"
(these were netting 60ish each, but word is getting out on the buffs, I see these hitting 100 easy over the next few weeks)
Quest experience increased by 10%.
15% extra damage to beasts.
15% extra movement speed.
15% extra damage to humanoids.
15% extra damage against dragonkin.
Chance to heal yourself when damaging an enemy.

Nightstone Choker:
I have made 30 of these yesterday, and they have all sold. So I have to take my own advise and make more...The nice thing about these, I had 5 in a row that "turned" blue. Yup. A craftable "green" item that has a random (as far as I can see) chance to proc into a blue.

The greens are netting 300ish while 4 of the 30 procced during crafting, netting 1250g each.

Just remember, do not stop posting "old" world items, gear, weapons, mats. These are still selling. Glyphs, Runescrolls, I mean everything. There are people out there without Cata (yeah, I know...) and still need these. If you don't post them, someone else will. I have noted before about The Undermine Journal. BTW, who makes that site anyways? I gotta give them props. Great idea there....Back to my point, if your name isn't on your servers' top AHers, you aren't doing enough to get your gold.

Up to you. Either you do it, or someone else will. Remember, "If you aren't first, you're last!" (famous quote by some famous guy from some famous movie)


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