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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Elementium Geode - Pet from Mining? 35K

Hey all! I hope that Cata is treating you well! As an update, made 28K on "opening" day, mining and herbs. Of course that was from milling most of my ores (for the peeps that were powerleveling jewelcrafting), 17K there, a bit over 2K from green (yes, green) gems on the AH, and 9k on herb sales (luckily, I had my farmer help out with that a bit....after I feel comfy with my spot, I will post my areas on here. Give me a day or two to clean house).

So enough with my good fortune (speaking of, haven't got the 5K vendor Fortune Card yet, but I will get it, mark my words!) I have something else to show.....

Yeah, doing my mining route on a toon and this pops up! Do I sell? Do I keep? Not sure yet, I am seeing on other sites (yeah, I googled it) that they are easily selling for 35K, but sometimes money isn't worth it. Kinda cool, I think I will keep the little guy. =)


Admin said... Reply To This Comment

To anyone that was wondering, I did end up "learning" the drop, and now it assists me with my mining. =)
FYI- The highest offer I received was 20K, but for that to happen, I would have had to use the neutral AH, and I would have lost quite a bit to teh Goblin Gods on that one.....

Stede said... Reply To This Comment

I know this is a blast from the past, but I've seen these going for under 2k on my AH - and there are about half a dozen listed.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Same here. The first few days (during Merry Mining) since there was so much ore out there, they went from rare to all over the place. They are still flush around 3K right now, with a few on the AH (same peeps, so they aren't selling) at all times (I still have two from /2 that I got for 1K each, but I am gonna sit on them for a while..) I don't reccommend buying them unless you can find em in the 1K range. If so, snatch em up!

Tailswish said... Reply To This Comment

The lesson to be learned here is patience. If you had sold the pet at that time, then bought one from the AH a couple weeks later, you would have made a profit AND had the pet.

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