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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dec 13/14 Patch Notes and How they Affect You and Your Sales

So, with it being Tuesday, that means patch note day. What was patched? What wasn't? Do the changes affect you? Here's my two cents.

•The droprates on all Bind-on-Equip items in Cataclysm dungeons have been reduced.
What does this tell you? It tells me that when realms come up, hit the AH and buy BoE's. Make sure they are dropped and not crafted. With my infinite wisdom (haha. ok, a little drowsy still, not enough coffee in my veins this morning) all BoE drops will add 100gish for blues, and 1K on epics (at least going off of past markets, you see a 30% or so increase in price).

•Several items in Cataclysm starting zones have been increased from item level 279 to 308, with relative stat increases.
Thank the WoW gods on this one. Nothing else to say, but this will help with the cap to get into random queues. Unless the "several" include BoE drops...

•Corpses of Scalding Rock Elementals can now be mined. It's possible to gain both Volatile Earth and Shimmering Shards from the corpses.

Remember where these are? Yeah. Go back. Volatile Earth is crazy in the AH still (40g a pop, and thats' for a quick sale, I have sold many for 60ish, 1200g a stack)

•Disenchanted green items are now giving more materials as the item levels increase. This change also ensures armor items give dust more often than essence, and that weapons give more essence than dust.
Look to see the prices fluctuate, another thing on the list to rock on once the servers are live today. If you D/E, this is great news!

•Fishing in open water areas around Sulfuron Spire no longer yields Volatile Fire.
Sad days....Actually, I have a writeup on this for this mornings post, but after reading they nerfed it, well....not so much. Damn you Blizz!

•The droprate on Volatile Life from herbs has been increased.
Truthfully, I dont see the prices of them dropping too much. They are needed for a few different profs, so they will still sell very well. This is nice....will the same be done for the other Volitales? Hmmm....

•Living Bloods at Deathwing's Fall now spawn more quickly.
•Mercurial Oozes at the Upper Silvermarsh now spawn more quickly.
New farming spots? Check it out...I will be....I love quick droprates.

•Twilight Defilers, Twilight Heretics, and Twilight Desecrators can no longer be pickpocketed.
Bad news for rogues....not liking this. We will all have to find a new spot.

Well folks, that's what popped out for me, a few changes, and of course, Blizz never says everything they patch, so....keep on the lookout.


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