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Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Capped By Cata: Bulk Buying

Wes, you have helped me tremendously, and after reading your post, I thought about leaving a comment for you and your ailment, so this is my Christmas present to you. Now lets turn that coal into a diamond... I have a few ideas of recouping the funds (and god knows we have all been through it).

For those of you that haven't read Capped by Cata's Blog, check it out (FYI- you are probably the last person on earth that has not had the pleasure of reading the posts there). I am refering to his recent post on Bulk Buying: I keep getting burnt.

This happened to me during the Saronite Wars of days past. Word for word. So here we go:

1. Elementium Bars: Check your AH prices for them, as this could be a viable option. Is there a slew of them up for sale? Is there diversity in who is selling, or is it only one or two folks? Are they selling them in singles, or in stacks?

2. Hardened Elementium Bars: Once again, check the AH and ask the same questions. How is the price of Volatile Earth? Figure in your prices, and sell.

3. Prospecting: I know this value changes daily (if not hourly), so once again, do a check on your AH for gems.

4. Stock Up: During Merry Mining of days past (the first two days after Cata, when the spawn rates were CRAZY), the supply was there, the demand was there, and they were selling a ton of them. Now, due to the overfarming of them (supply) and the overstock in AH (not selling, demand), do you invest more and reap the benefits at a later date? I would. But I take risks.

So I guess what I am trying to say is whatever you do, do not let yourself take a loss as an option. 100 stacks bought at 150g, now they are at 100g, at this time it is a 5K loss on your Elementium alone. I would see out of the options if there is profit at your 150g per stack purchase price, and fill up the AH before someone else who is in your shoes beats you to it. If one of these options will profit (one will, known from experience) at your 150g price, buy out another few tabs of them. As profit at a purchase price of 100 will add more gold in your bags. The farmers out there will always do their part to cause prices to change, and sometimes we can use it to our advantage. Beat them at their own game. Watch them undercut themselves. If this (price war) happened in a day, you know that prices can go back up just as quickly. Catch them before the rebound.

You can always check your guild BS/Jewelcrafter, or when someone spams trade with [Blacksmith] LFW, hit them up. Let them know your prices (on the bars, you wouldn't belive how many of them buy their stock from the AH).

I hope something here will work into your favor, and your loss switches to a bountiful gain. And don't forget, keep doing your usual sales of other items, snatching, crafting, selling, the things you do....don't let it bother you, as there is a ton of gold to be made daily. And most important of all, keep smiling brother. =)


Wes said... Reply To This Comment

Lot's of great ideas man. I'm venturing down a lot of these avenues. I guess the key right now is diversification. Supply still remains quite high while demand is staying pretty modest. Having a good bit of success with prospecting and cutting, and am coming out OK with crafting into bars. These wouldn't be nearly as bad if I had a Blacksmithing Alt ready to go, but unfortunately I do not.

Thanks for the post and the words of inspiration :D

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