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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gold in Cataclysm- Part I

Ok, so here's the start of new content that I will be doing. I am a Type A personality, so I need control, and to have things in order, or planned, and I will be sharing with you my plans on rolling into Cata.

So I would advise you to click on follow for this blog, add me to favorites on your browser, whatever you need to do to remind you to check here before logging into WoW, as I update information frequently, and if you don't jump on them, other people will on your server and you lost out. Day late and a dollar short? You don't want to be that person...Just sayin, you know what I am sayin?

One of my goldmakers in the past was farming vanilla recipies. Now, come Cata, there is a new way to pull that off. We welcome you, Mr. Burned Recipe Fragment. I imagine at the start next week, the AH will be streaming with all the new content, and Burned Recipe Fragments will be one of the hottest of the bunch, as scribes are needing 5 of each to make any of these.

There is a new item that ALL Scribes will need, and it happens to be a "random" drop (as of right now, it is not BoP, so that is good news..if this drop is only attainable by scribes, and still sellable, then we are in BUSINESS!). You will want to add this to your snatch list, I will be placing a 50g snatch on this myself per fragment, as I believe these will be hitting the multiple hundred (if not the crazy few of 1K or more) mark within the first day of Cata.

This will be needed for:

"Cataclysm Reclamation: Blacksmithing",
"Cataclysm Reclamation: Jewelcrafting",
"Cataclysm Reclamation: Leatherworking",
"Cataclysm Reclamation: Tailoring".

This will be a HUGE moneymaker for scribes, as I imagine that they will be producing at the least rare recipies, if not the random epic. That in turn will be entered into the AH, I will update after Cata hits with profits. =)


Tailswish said... Reply To This Comment

Going through the archives here, and I just wanted to point out for anyone doing the same, these items and recipes never actually made it into the game.

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