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Monday, October 18, 2010

Headless Horseman Crashing? Part Deux

From my experience so far, tanks and dps click on the pumpkin, POOF! WoW turns into an unresponsive program, and you D/C.
I tried this on my priest, and she had ZERO issues clicking the pumpkin. I figured this might be just luck, so I requeued again, and she did it just fine. No D/C. Is this just luck? Nope. Because if it was, then the mount would have been in one of my bags. No luck. Try tomorrow....

Blizz, I know you are laughing inside on this. Thanks. We still love you and will continue to pay. Just how about throwing us a bone? Or at least a mount in our bags....No? Ok, give us something in there then. Anything. Thats like having a tootsie pop and not have a tootsie roll in the center. We feel scammed.


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