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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Elemental Event Coming Soon to a Computer Screen Near You?!

Ok, I guess this really makes me a WoW geek, but I looked through some of my notes from last years Hallow's End, and the Elemental Event popped up and out through the slipshod amount of post-its, used envelopes, and the occasional Jimmy John's napkin in my WoW folder, and one thing came to mind...Elemental farming of the past.

Are we going to have another Event? I am really hoping so, they [bosses] were in the 4.0.1 PTR so I am hoping when I log in today, I will scour the landscape of "vanilla" WoW once again (Silithus, Un'goro Crater, Azshara, and Winterspring) to find the event, and relive this post if I find any.

Now pre cata it is said that there will be world event bosses throughout old school instances, AQ, ZF, etc. Will we have to wait till Cata or will they be released pre? I am thinking with all the fun involved, and so many looking for new content and new bosses to try out the new talents/specs, I can forsee Blizz giving us a bit of taste for some fun coming up within the next few minipatch tuesdays.

Will today be the day? If we cannot play around with the bosses, do we get to go all AoE on all the invaders? I have seen small groups in Winterspring, but nothing to the extent that there was last year, or even years ago (yeah, back before BC even).


Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Well, I am traveling around right now, gonna check ZF while I am down in Gadget, as of right now, the didn't list anything in the patch notes that we didn't already know. But maybe there might be a little known treat somewhere...I will keep you all posted if I find anything.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Hate to spoil the answer but that contains the info,expect it to begin really soon, as the shattering 4.0.3 should happen mid Nov.

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