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Friday, May 13, 2011

Horrible Blogs. Horrible Information. Horrible Post.

I do want to warn you that there are some words in this post that are not "politically correct". For the layman, I swear a bit. If that bothers you, please don't read any farther. I will get back to posting tomorrow. This is me just venting on my blog. Nothing too important.

I do have a guest post coming tomorrow. Let me tell you, if you are into Mysterious Fortune Cards......I am talking 1200+ flipped MFC's, and you are into details and numbers, this is a must read for you. So skip this post and c'mon back tomorrow. =)

So if you are looking for a gold post, I got nothing for you today. Today is a similar being to a post I did a while back, Alto vs. WoW Blogging.

Being a writer of a blog is work. It's a second...even third job if you will. Those that know me, know I am not full of shit (well, I guess it's all in how you see it). If I am pissed about something, I tell you. I don't tell folks behind their back what I wouldn't say to their face. Like it or not, thats who I am. Whether it's Alto [here] or Jer [outside of the community], thats how I was raised. I have got in many a fistfight over me being like this, I have pissed off way more people than I can even count.

But......on the same token, I have saved alot of fights, and I have made a lot of friends being this way. I guess the good thing is, you don't have to guess how I feel about something. I say it like I see it. Once again, like it or not, it's who I am.

I got jacked earlier. Well, actually, it was last night. A widely popular wow site mentioned how the decay of the WoW Gold Blogs has deteriorated to basically dumpster diving. Now those weren't the exact words, but that's how I read them. After time, there were comments made, and I am not sure if that changed my perspective....but it did get me thinking.

I am disgusted too. Back in Oct 2010, I started this blog. At the time, I had 5 blogs on my blogroll, and that was basically "the community" that I knew about. Now? 46 blogs. Just on my blogroll. And I usually add one each week through a contact in email. Back in the day (I say that like it's a long time ago), I knew who the authors were. I knew they were legit (or not). Now, with so many folks adding their two cents (or four, or eight) on every single change that happens, it causes issues. Multiple posts (see the Crusader Enchant) cause multiple problems. I didn't post on it first, but I didn't dedicate a post to it either. Yeah, it was added into one post, I said my two cents (linking where I heard it from) and went on. I guess once again it's like the news. You can only hear so much before you change the rant inc.....

God forbid that I worked with a very well known gold blog updating a guide. God forbid that I joined another blogger in a project. God forbid that I made a gold guide myself. Jeebus.Haters around just to hate. Some can't help it, as it is how they were raised. But if you have issues with what I do, let me know personally. And grow some balls, would ya? Don't post on peoples blogs as anonymous bitching about how bad they are, or what they did wrong.

We spend alot of time making posts that we feel is relevant to people. You people. "You" as in our readers. Yeah, sometimes we jack up the information. You know what? Correct us when we make a mistake. Tell us we are wrong. But you know what? TELL US THE RIGHT WAY. Dont just bitch about how we are not correct in our post, tell us WHY. Tell us the correct way to do it. Or fuck off. Is that direct enough for you?

You might be smarter than me. In fact, you probably are. You might have more gold/experience/achievement points/stockpile/etc than me. Cool! Congrats! Help me help others! Use your comments for good instead of for shit! You see where I am going here?

The next hit that bothered me is a blogger recently wrote about a program that is fairly new to the WoW scene. The author blasted him saying he was basically a dumbass. Now to each his/her own, but I would have responded differently. I would have said "There is confusion about setting this up, XXXX posted about it recently, and in case anyone else had issues, here is the best and easiest way to do it". But once again, everyone is different.

There was also a war last week, which you all know about. Twitter, Blogposts, etc. Wanna know my opinion? Blah. Period.

Now today. I missed out on much of it, but there was something about a post with a link to someones blogpost about something and that they were wrong. Of course, there was a mini war. I think it got cleared up, and I don't know the whole scoop, but blah, blah, blah. This shit is happening way to much lately.

Too much competition with "pageviews". Too much "I wrote about it first". Too much "I am better than everyone". Too much everything. I guess I don't care about the size of my epeen. I am still just as happy as the day I started blogging. I am here to help people. I want to give people a place to go to read good content, with writing that is [fairly] easy to read, and to even get a laugh once in a while in this community of waaay to serious folks.

Talk your shit, but man up and tell me in person. Don't hide. Show respect and you will get respect. If you don't like that I am selling a guide, deal with it. I am, and it's helped alotta folks make gold. Did they pay for it? Sure they did. If you don't like that I also Coach people? Deal with it. It might not be for you, or you might have another reason. Am I in it for the money? Depends. Do you go work your 9 to 5 for the money? Would you work for free? Are you on salary, getting paid for 40 hours, but do extra?

I blog for free. For a while I made about 100 bucks a month from ads/affiliate links, etc. Break that down. At about 2 hours a post (between writing, pics, links, checking and answering comments, etc.), 30 days a month, I got about a buck and a half per hour. Ibet Ethiopians can get more rice per hour than that. My coaching? Sure. I make a bit more there. My guide? Decent money as well. I get paid for my time. Oooooh. Big secret there. Need a coach? hire me. Need a guide? buy mine. Want good information on gold making free? Visit my blog. Simple as that. Think my blog is shit? Don't read it. Take me off your blogroll.....another rant incoming....

But you know what? Don't take my posts and don't link to me. For that, you are an asshole.Don't take the information that you learned from me and claim it as your own. That doesn't sit well with me. It's something I see time and time again. Now I do my best to link to other blogs with similar posts. I have killed off posts due to them being too similar to someone elses post. If I don't link to your post, it's due to your post didn't tell me shit, and I am telling the correct story. Do I blast you for it? Nah. I just didn't link to your shitty post. Easy as that.

Are you done hearing my little bitch session? I hope so. I am tired of writing. Fingers are starting to cramp. What's that called? Carpal Thummel? Yeah. I got it.

You know what? After re-reading this and highlighting here and there, I realized something...This is a horrible blog. This has horrible information. It is a horrible post. But you know what? It felt good writing it...

For my last "going away present" for those that read this post: 

To all you bloggers that think they are better than me, you probably are. To those that think I am better than you, I am probably not. For those that talk shit about anyone and everyone behind their backs and won't do it to their face? Two words. Fuck off.  With a smiley face.... =)


Shamaenei said... Reply To This Comment

I totally agree on your point that changes a being copied way too much by other bloggers. When one sees it a minute after he/she also has a post about it. I'm not going that way for a reason. I want to break the standards not go with them because that will only result in people not taking you seriously as a blogger. Good post that's straight to the point and gives people a view on the situation.

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

Good post, I like it, Thumbs up for you Alto.
Peace mate.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Hey man I like your blog, keep up the good work ^_^

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Hey man i enjoy your post, keep up the good work =D

The Lost Meeple said... Reply To This Comment

To everyone that says wow gold blogs are "traffic driving dumpsters" How about you try running one for 30 days? I dare you to try it. See how many new and interesting topics you can write about that haven't been written before. I mean honestly, this game gas been out for years, I'm sure that almost everything within the game has been covered by someone.

Every single blogger puts effort into their posts. No we're not traffic driving dumps, we're real people who are trying to help you, yeah we might link to each other but only to help you. Most of us don't make much from blogging, and the readers pay absolutely nothing to read our content. Don't like it? Don't read it. You really can't complain when you're getting content for free; weather quality content or not, it's still content that someone spent time writing.

I'll stop there..

/end rant

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

Oh God, I hope I'm not in there anywhere! I try hard to stay away from the current most popular subject & I try to link where I can remember where I read something & if I think mine is similar then I add links so peeps can see other viewpoints BUT I am only human, and like you, I have shedloads of blogs I read everyday so sometimes I miss things.

I don't tend to 'tell 'em straight' 'cos that's not my way but I don't bitch about people either. I'm a fence sitter, popcorn eater most of the time. Too many times I've tried to offer something constructive & been flamed so now I just keep quiet.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I hope you have a better day/week/year. I hope you can just worry about you and stick to your standards/guns/whatever. I like the articles and i surf so much, I hardly know who's written what. I just go with the content, reading what I want. You've written some interesting stuff and I hope you stick with it. I really wouldn't know if you've written stuff that I'm not interested in looking at-- I'm surfing what I'm interested in. I was noticing Gevlon's been a bit upset lately and I can relate to that (in a very different existence). Once you get bent out of shape, it takes a long time before the most innocuous of comments doesn't feel like a knife in the back! Hang in there!


Cold said... Reply To This Comment

Amen Brother!

Too many times people can't keep it real, stab you in the back, rat you out to others, like this is fkin high school.

Blogging about WoW has turned into some high school my school clique segregation bullshit all over the community.

"My friend doesn't like you and he's gives me heat for linking to you, and now I have removed your link from my blogroll." Really? Grow a pair. Fkin lil lemmings everywhere.

Great post man!

Don't like it? Don't read it!

We write for people who appreciate our hard work and enjoy our tips. Anyone who thinks blogging is easy should come try to do an original post for 30 days straight before they run their mouth.

Some of us are approaching the 500 posts mark. Now chew on that before you come bitching about what we have to say.

I coulda swore you had some Saint Louis in ya after reading this post, brother! Hahaha good work.

Cold said... Reply To This Comment

PS: "decay of the WoW Gold Blogs has deteriorated to basically dumpster diving"

What site was that?

Prncesspwn said... Reply To This Comment

Always enjoy when you rant Alto! As a new gold blogger I'm trying really hard to write about stuff that isn't going on in wow right now, related to patch info. All of the more experienced bloggers have that covered, so I'm trying to really find things that I'm doing, that people aren't writing about so people don't see 547 times!

Markco said... Reply To This Comment

In helping so many bloggers and trying to inspire people to create wow gold blogs, I have in essence created competition for the niche itself. Even if I felt that a blog sucked, I still gave it a chance by linking to it.

Competition is supposed to lead people towards creating better products but many wow bloggers have been led astray by how easy I made blogging look. They think that writing a post every day is enough to make them the best. This is so limited and wrong in every way. What's worse, they feel that they are entitled to success just because they are writing a blog and have their own voice.

What I like about this post is that you are getting back to the reason everyone should blog: because it's fun and what they want to do. If you really like it, try to turn it into a business, as many of the wow bloggers are trying to do at this time. Getting paid to do what you love is great and I hope that everyone can reach that point.

However, I think that bloggers need to buck up and shut up when it comes to their petty squabbles and complaints. I used to think that everything I wrote belonged to me and my fight years ago with was inspired by this misconception. In a game with limited space there are bound to be other people who write the same things as you do.

I used to assume that I was #1 simply because I wrote good content and had a mentality that one day I would become the best of the best. However, this mindset only gets you so far and poking elephants makes them avoid you. It was only after I focused on giving people great content instead of worrying about site statistics that JMTC really took off.

Right now, if I were still blogging about wow, I'd be writing my arse off about original content and I wouldn't limit myself to what everyone else was talking about. I'd churn up all the old stuff everyone has talked about to death and create something new out of it.

Alto, stick to blogging and don't give up. Here's a tip: Try your best to write more off your blog than on it.

SotaSkoldier said... Reply To This Comment

So let me make sure I've understood this correctly:

*If I don't like you; I can fuck off.

*If I don't want to be coached by you, or buy your guide; I can fuck off.

100% Amazing. Love this! Lol

One of the very reasons, on top of writing a book, that I stopped blogging was for exactly what you wrote about.

In fact the prologue to my eBook mentions this very thing.

Fuckin' genious's think alike!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

No, It isn't like that. If you talk shit behind my back, you can fuck off.

I can care less if you buy my guide, I can care less if you get coached by me, I can care less if you read my blog. Of course, if you do those things, great! I won't hate you for it. Or tell you to fuck off....

You might want to re-read it if that's how you understood it.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I gotta say I'm probably one of those guide hater types but that's mostly because I was an early Gevlon reader. I saw all this very entertaining emails coming out on Gevlons blog as it happened.

From my perspective I was like "what is this china farm trying to sell ads to gevlon about a gold guide and virus links are involved?" It took months and months and months but I finally searched out Markco and found not a china farmer but a legit gold blogger who puts out high quality content so my opinion changed.

You KNOW that paid wow services are considered by some gamers to be in the ethically grey area. So you know...haters gonna hate. I wouldn't buy a gold guide but I do turn off my ad blocking for gold blogs and I even get a little click happy every once in a while if I think it helps support them.

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